Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Leaving in 7 days

We had another busy day!  We contacted the Credit Cards.  We contacted the insurance to add Lily.  The prescriptions were ordered.  I made my list of important phone numbers to take to China.  I put all of the dossier plus all the I800 approvals, copies of our airline tickets, copies of passports etc. in a notebook. I told the pre-school we would be gone and paid for next month.  Mike arranged transportation to the airport and back.  We exchanged several e-mails with Karla at Lifeline making our requests for hotel rooms.  I bought an extra battery for my camera, bought my purple ribbons to identify rumor queen friends, bought snacks for the girls on the plane, bought new stacking cups (a must for the bathtub).  I did some other shopping for little things like extra sunglasses, make up, etc.  We made our arrangements for our post trip during Chinese New Year.  I  think it is going to be really great.  Here is the plan for that.

 February 13 fly from Guangzhou to Guilin.  Meet our local tour guide and check in to the Hotel.  Eat lunch.  Explore the city streets  and the vicinity of the Hotel to observe how the local people prepare for the arrival of the Year of the Tiger.  Attend the Chinese New Year's Eve feast at the guides home.

February 14 Breakfast.  Visit a local market. Tour the Seven Star Park.  Lunch. Tour the Elephant Trunk Hill and the Reed Flute Cave.  Spend more time with the guide's family to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival and have dinner with her family.

February 15 Breakfast. Take the Li River Cruise.  Lunch is on board.  Tour the countryside by electric car.  Visit a local villager's hoe. Return to Guilin.  Dinner. ethnic singing and dancing show.

February 16 Breakfast.  Enjoy a restful morning, pack.  Lunch and then transfer to airport to get our connection back to the USA

It is exactly what I was thinking of.  We will get to experience the way that the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

I am off to bed.  Another busy day tomorrow.  I will try to post some pictures.  Emma and Meilynn are counting the days.  Prayers for them that the change in our family is as smooth for them as possible.  As with any new addition to a family, I expect some highs and lows for them too.  Pray that I will know the best way to comfort everyone as I know that I will need to be doing a lot of that.


Carla said...

Oh the trip to Guilin sounds wonderful!!!! I really can not wait to follow your trip. :)

When you are home, I will need to find out specifics of booking travel and how you found your guides.

Anonymous said...

please post as often as you can. I for one love reliving the experience.Have fun and my prayers for the family.
Soraida in Florida

Ladybugsmom said...

How exciting...I can't wait to follow your journey we likely will travel in March to Nanning and Guilin to be united with our daughter who is in foster care in Guilin City. I would love to know who setup your Guilin tour. Also as a side note our daughters will be virtual twins like yours only 78days apart. Can't wait to follow...curious what airline are you flying internationally?

Kristi said...

I'll be watching and praying! So excited for you. What a neat chance to experience CNY in Guilin! Anxiously awaiting details about your hotels...

prechrswife said...

Congratulations on your TA! I am so thrilled for all of you. :-)

Dusty from the June Jitterbugs

Anonymous said...

At Bible Study today our group prayed for all of you and specifically for Lily that God will prepare her little heart and mind ahead of time for what changes are about to happen for her. So many people are lifting up prayers for this little girl and for the whole Family. It is such a Blessing to see The Hand of God working so clearly in this situation. I am counting the days until you bring her HOME!!!!
Friend Julie