Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Count your blessings



I found this really cool cupcake book and it had these cute little cupcakes in the shape of a turkey.  They didn't really look all that hard so I thought I would make them on Wednesday before Thanksgiving along with the three pies I was making.  The turkey's were not to hard just, time consuming.  (By the way, it is hard to find caramels.)  I think we went to two grocery stores, target, a drug store and finally found them at K-mart.  Here is the picture from the book and then my creations.  I think they turned out cute and if I was a photographer and had the proper lighting mine would look pretty close.

Picture from the book

The girls helping to unwrap the caramels.
 Emma loved hers
 Lily loved hers
 And so did Meilynn
Meilynn could not wait to get her hands on them

One of my pumpkin pies

The girls posing for someone's camera (Lily, Emma, Meilynn)
There was a little family entertainment.  Emma got this book for her birthday that was a learn to read play.  We put on Cinderella.  Lily was the Stepmother, Mike was the Prince, Meilynn was the Stepsister, Emma was Cinderella and I was the Narrator.  I think it turned out really cute.

And they lived happily ever after!

Thankful for our family

 We also celebrated our Son-in-Law's Birthday

 And Jilliana's
We sang Happy Birthday to her and the girls blew out the candle for her.

 Then they opened a few gifts for her

 Our Son-in-Law Nick and our second daughter Meghan.
 My Mom and Meilynn
 My two older daughters, Kami and Meghan
 With their Grandma Jeanie

 Me with my Mom
 Lily with our Granddogger
 My nephews

Meilynn sharing something with her cousin

It kind of reminds me of an old song.  Count your many blessings name them one by one,  Count your blessings see what God has done.

We are truly blessed!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is Jilliana's Third Birthday

(This is the verse we had put on the Baby Be Blessed Doll we ordered for Jilliana)
Happy Birthday Baby Doll

There is something about that age from 2 to 3 that really gets to me.  It is the end of the baby age.  Jilliana is no longer a "toddler" but now is a "pre-schooler".  I think that is why not being with her on this day is so hard.  I missed being there for her baby days.  With Emma she was 9 months when we got her so she had not even had a birthday yet.  With Meilynn we got to her when she was 2.2, yes we had missed that first and second birthday, but she was still a baby.  I got to give her a bottle and change her diaper.  With Lily I missed the most, but she did not go through any new stages why we were waiting for her.  She turned 6 the day we decided to adopt her and she was 6 when we got her.  So I think the reason this one hits harder is because it is such a jump to be from being a baby to being a pre-schooler.

When we first saw this picture we thought these were devil horns, but it turns out that she is wearing these for the Year of the Ox.  She is pictured quite often with Winnie the Pooh.  We put a Winnie the Pooh on her bed and bought a tiny one to take with us to China.
We still need to get the bed rails for her.  Emma and Meilynn were in their cribs until they were 4.
Jilliana in the back of the line of chairs.

 Jilliana's 2nd Birthday
 Jilliana is the one with the red map and pony tails.  We just love her little pony tails.  She looks like she has thick hair like Meilynn.
 Opening a care package

 I think this was a party for someone else.
 Love those strawberry pants

With one of the caretakers.
Love that smile
 With her Pooh Bear.  I love that she has toys to play with,
 They learn the victory salute early
 This is one of the pictures I have on my vanity.  I see her every morning combing her hair.  She will fit in just right here.
 With a friend

 She loves to smile
 This is her crib.  It makes me sad to think of how many of her cribmates have come home while she waits for her family.  Jilliana we want you to know that we are doing everything to get to you as fast as we can.
 We are so happy that you love to be outside
This is the first picture I saw of her cute little cherub face.
 Just waiting for you to come home
 The cake that was sent with her first carepackage
 She seems to love Winnie the Pooh
 We will celebrate today, on Thanksgiving with cupcakes with little Pooh faces
This is the carepackage that was sent for her birthday today.  The stuffed animal is from the "Pleasant Goat" cartoon.  It is a  very popular cartoon in China.  When we went to pick up Lily we bought the girls all Pleasant Goat shoes.  I asked Angela who does the care packages to send her a Pleasant Goat stuffed animal.  I also asked for some cute shoes.  She got her these cute pink Pleasant Goat boots. Also we sent a camera and another photo album of us.  I asked her to buy the kids who will be at her birthday some little gifts.  She bought some balloons, silly bands, and some crayons and coloring books.

Jilliana baby, We hope that someone is hugging you today on your special day.  I wish that we could be there to share in your special day.  Our whole family will be here celebrating Thanksgiving and we will have a celebration for your birthday also.  We are all so excited to come and get you and show you the love that you deserve. We think you are the most beautiful little girl.  You have such a happy smile and I just cannot wait to scoop you up and hold you and tell you how much you are loved.  We also know that you may not be ready for that, but we are patient and will be there when you are ready.  We don't know why things have happened in your life the way that they have, but if they had not we would not get the privilege of having you in our family.  We know that God has been watching over you.
Love Mommy