Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy Day!

When I woke up this morning I  thought I would start making my lists for things to do before going to China.  We had come to a place of peace with the idea of leaving in the middle of February after the Chinese New Year.  I had even started saying to myself the reasons that it would in fact be better to leave later.  I checked my e-mail as I do every morning and saw that I got an e-mail from Karla, our Lifeline representative.  The subject line said, Consulate Appointment.  So I assumed that they were able to get our Consulate appointment of March 2nd which was what Karla was requesting.  This is a portion of what I read instead.
The consulate was able to open up some other dates for adoption and we were able to get February 10th! WOW!

This will mean you guys will need to be in the provincial cities on January 30th and you will be able to depart from GZ anytime after 6:00 pm on February 12th. you will be responsible for getting yourself to the provincial city and then home from GZ. Lifeline will handle any in-country flights during the process.

Talk about total shock!  I couldn't believe it.  I had to read it again to believe it.  Then I went upstairs and told Mike that we had a change of plans.  We both just looked at each other.  My mind went a million ways at once.  How can we get it together that fast?  What about Lily's bed, it  is supposed to be delivered at the end of the month?  etc. etc. etc.  Mike, was his usual calm self and told me, Don't worry, we can do this.  Lets make a list of what needs to get done and we will just get through it.

So, he made the flight arrangements.  We are working on a post trip so that we will get to experience a little of the Chinese New Year.  I made the Dr. Appointment with the Adoption Dr. for Lily when we return.  I put the mail on hold as well as the newspaper.  I made arrangements for my sister to receive the bunkbeds at  our house.  Kami called the Dr. to order the prescriptions we will take with us to China.  I put together all of the medications that we will take to China in case someone gets sick.  I took the girls to Chinese class and informed them that we would be gone.  I washed clothes.  There is much to be done and I have been offered a lot of help from family and friends.  The best thing that they can do for me is to play with my girls.  I am going to be so distracted and busy.
We need to call our Credit Cards and alert them to the fact that we will be in China.  Contact the insurance to add Lily, make our post trip tour arrangements, etc. etc.

God must have a reason that he wants us to get to Lily so fast.  Every part of our process has moved at a fast pace.  The only thing that didn't was our homestudy.  We got our I800A approval in record time.  We got our LOA in record time.  We got our I800 approval but with a mistake, and I think because of that mistake it got more attention in getting our Article 5 signed and then the TA super fast after that and now this.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  Please pray for Lily and for our family as we get to know each other.  I can still remember the way it felt the day we met Meilynn and the way I felt just for a moment when she was crying so hard, that I didn't know if we were doing the right thing for her.  She was so upset and I felt like I was ripping her away from the only life that she  knew.  She was 2 years 2 months old.  I cannot imagine how hard this will be for our Lily.


Jewel4dug said...

I have been praying for Lily all day fervently and asking everyone I know to pray for her and for all of you. God is at work here!!!
He is making this all happen faster. Realizing that, and remembering it, even if things get hard in the coming days, will give you peace and reassure you that THIS IS God's plan for Lily. When she is able to understand, you will be able to tell her the miraculous story of how God brought her to you in His timing. God is Good! Hang in there Vic you will get it all done I know if anyone can you can.
I'm here for you just tell me when.
Love you mucho
friend Julie

Sue said...

Congrats to you....It seems that you prepared yourself and think you have plenty of time and then when the actual dates arrive, it seems like it came so fast, but it is so well worth it.. God is awesome.

Kristi said...

I'm praying for you in this crazy week! May God give you the strength and clarity of mind to accomplish all the tasks at hand!
And I'm also praying for your sweet Lily. Even if she hasn't been well prepared by the orphanage staff, God can prepare her heart!

Mel said...

I'm with Mike on this one...YOU CAN DO THIS!!! That child was meant to be yours...just as much as your other four are/were! God's Hand is all over this. Yes, it might be difficult at first...but to quote one of my favorite songs? "What's worth the prize is always worth the fight." You are ALL in my prayers and I so look forward to following you in this new stage of your journey!

Jackie said...


The Ferrill's said...

You are right, this is the Lord's timing. He knows much more than we do, and He has been preparing Lily's heart for this. It is good to be prepared for crying and grief; it is part of the process. We adopted an 8 year old in '08 and were prepared that she might kick, scream, try to pull away from us in public, etc. She did NONE of that, came right to us, grieved that same day (which we were thankful to see her finally cry) and since then has not looked back! It is like the Lord prepared her in a miraculous way. I was very afraid before we traveled to adopt her...I love this acronym for fear:
F: false
E: evidence
A: appearing
R: real
That's all fear is! And you will see the Lord's hand all over your gotcha day...I can't wait!
Praying for you,
P.S. You are doing a GREAT job getting things together so quickly!

Julie said...

Congratulations. I can't wait to see Lily in your arms.

another YJ mama

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for all of you! I can't wait to read your posts!

Carla said...

so excited for you all!

so, Lifeline has us get to the province on our own? Hmmm....