Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little of this and that....

 Emma wrote a story in the beginning of the year for the Reflections contest.  She won for her school and then it went on to the Redlands School District.  She then won for Redlands and it went on to the 5th district.  We are very proud of our little writer.

 Standing in front of her story.
 Her certificate
 Jilliana loves this dolphin.  I actually got it when I bought a certain amount at a bookstore for free.  Jilliana has become its caretaker.  Everytime I see it, it is covered up, or eating, or reading.
 "Real Brownies"  Made with all "real" foods.  They were a hit, except with Emma who despises chocolate.
 The girls love coloring.  I don't mean just a little, I mean a lot.  In fact we have to always say quit coloring and do something different.  I do think their artwork is showing how much they enjoy it.
 Emma's Mermaid Princess.
 Jilliana's picture
 Meilynn's masterpiece
 When I am making bread, they love to put their noses up to the vent and smell it.......mmmmm.
 Waiting for bread.
 Emma's gymnastic hairstyle.

 It was a gymnastics show, not a competition.  Everyone won!
 Her medal
 Jilliana helping me make homemade "real food" ice cream

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How To Talk To Kids About Real Food - 100 Days of Real Food

How To Talk To Kids About Real Food - 100 Days of Real Food

Day 76! Donuts! and The Ten Commandments!

We are on day 76 of our eating only "real foods"!  I am so proud of my family!  I do need to seek out some more recipes.  We are getting tired of the ones we have been eating, even though we love them.  This morning I made donuts from The 100 Days of Real Food site.
The girls loved them.  I made chocolate and regular.  I had to laugh when the girls thought they tasted just like donuts from the donut shop.  Their tastebuds have gotten used to having just a little sweetness. I wonder what will happen when they do taste sugar again?

In the girl's devotion at night we have been talking about The Ten Commandments.  The other day Emma decided to see if she could remember all of them.  Here are her Ten Commandments.  I especially love
number eight, do not get jellies and number ten, do not commit adult tree:)

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 63, Easter and some odds and ends

 Jilliana was learning the letters P and Q last week.  The class was going to make individual pizzas out of english muffins, which of course we cannot have due to the sugar.  So I played around with our Whole Wheat Pizza recipe to make her and individual one to take.  We usually cook the pizza dough along with the pizza.  I had to make several to get one that would work.  She took her pizza, sauce, cheese and pineapple for the topping.
Pizza dough

 San Diego Zoo
 Lily had a fossil report to write so we were lucky to find this "fossil" at the San Diego Zoo

 We went there with our YPO group and had a great time.
We had this amazing painter.
The finished painting

 The kids all got to make a painting

I don't know why I don't have a picture of Jilliana's.

 Jilliana feeding the rhino

 Silly girls with new sunglasses
Easter morning
 Jilliana talking to Kami in Barcelona

 Since the girls had no candy, we did a raffle Easter Egg hunt.  They had numbers and when their number was called they could pick out a gift.  Most were from the $ store.

 Emma had a speaking part at church.

 My Grandchild, Natalie

 Natalie finds an egg!

Great Grandpa with his Great Grand daughter

Grandpa playing
Jilliana reading to Natalie.
Meilynn writes a story and the Imagination Machine acts it out at school.