Friday, May 30, 2008

Meghan Graduates!

We have had a very busy few weeks so I will try a little each day to get caught up.   This last weekend we had Meghan's Graduation and Meilynn's Birthday.   So I will start with my baby's graduation.  She was the baby in the family for 20 years so she is still one of the babies.  We are so proud of Meghan.  She graduated cum laude with Departmental Honors in Math.  She is a member of Mortar Board and is in Omicron Delta Kappa (another honor society).  She is a member of a sorority, Delta's. (I don't remember the full name)  She also received two awards one from the School of Education, The Alpha Delta Kappa Outstanding Student Teaching Award and the other from the Math Department, the Paul Krantz Award that is awarded to students who show promise in secondary school Mathematics.    I am sure that she gets these brains from me!  And to top it all off she has already been offered a job to teach at a High School in Palm Springs and she has taken the job.  We had a very busy weekend with Awards ceremonies, Baccalaureate, Dinners and Graduation.   Here are a few of the highlights.  We also had Meilynn's birthday which I will post in another post.  The pictures are out of order again and the blue writing with the underline is still here!Meghan with my sister's boyfriend, Tom and my sister Debbie
My Mom and Dad with Meghan.  They look so proud. Big sister Kami and Meghan Meghan with her Grandpa Poma My sister Julie with her boy's Frank and Nick with Meghan. The Graduation Girl Daddy with Meghan The Graduates.  We had really strange, unheard of weather.  The day before it hailed and stormed and the day of Graduation was cool with a cloud cover, which beat sitting in 90 degree heat. Meghan's Boyfriend, Nick who also graduated and her roomate Ashleigh with her boyfriend.
Nick and Meghan.  The both made us very proud!
At lunch after Graduation.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Very Special Picture

This is a very special picture of my Dad with Emma and Meilynn.  My Grandpa used to give all the grandkids tractor rides when they came out to his house.  And then when my Grandpa died and my Dad moved out to his house he began doing the same with his grandchildren.  Kami and Meghan and wonderful memories of riding on the tractor with their Grandpa, and now Emma and Meilynn will have those same memories to cherish.  
I am still having trouble figuring out why my text is underlined.  I tried a few suggestions that were given to me, but as you can see that didn't work.
I am sorry that the posts have been fewer lately.  We are busy with our re-model, graduation for Meghan, and Meilynn's third birthday.  I hope to find the time to get you all caught up on our life this next week.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"There's a Monkey in our backyard!"

I cannot figure out how to make this blue, underlined writing stop!  So bear with me until I can ask one of the computer literate people in my house how to change it.  I am liking my new mac computer, but am finding some things that I cannot figure out myself.  And rather than not posting at all I am going ahead and writing this cute little story.
The other day I was out playing on the swing set with Emma and Meilynn.  All of a sudden Emma says, "There's a monkey!"  I think, oh she is just playing.  But then she repeats it.  So I think that maybe she has seen a small dog or cat.  I pick her up and tell her to show me where it is.  I head in the direction she is pointing, towards our new addition.  As we get closer I keep asking her where it is and she keeps pointing straight ahead.  As I get closer to the new part of the house she is clinging on tighter and tighter and hiding her head in my shoulder.  I ask her again where it is and she points to this. Can you see a Monkey? Now can you?  This is an old light that was on the outside of our house.  They removed the fixture and this is the hole with the wires.  I think it does look a little like a monkey at first glance.  If you think about the kind of monkeys with the little white faces? Here it is closer!  Emma was afraid to go in our backyard for about a week after the Monkey incident!  
A picture of Miss Tippy Tails  in our backyard before we had monkeys.  She constantly is changing clothes or stripping down.  I think the underwear with high heels is just darling! A smile for Mommy P.S.  I don't know why sometimes in this post I had blue underlined letters and sometimes not!