Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break 20014 Carlsbad

Today we went on a little hike.  Daddy was back at home at a funeral so we decided to head out and explore.

 Everyone tried their hand, or should I say their bodies at balancing on this rock.
 and Emma, "They Gymnast"

We came across this teeter totter that someone had made by putting a log in between the tree trunk.  It was a little longer on one end, so I thought it a perfect opportunity for a little math lesson and working together.  Our girls just do not get enough of this kind of play/problem.  I decided to watch and let them figure it out.
 Hmm…it won't work with two on each side like it is supposed to.  One side is shorter?
 Maybe if we pull down?
 Still trying this method,
Hey, I think we got it, but how do I get on now?

 It works!

 Cuteness and Sassiness!
It was another fun day!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Plank Warz!

I started going to a Fit Body Bootcamp this last year.  Two weeks ago they started a plank war.  A plank is where you hold your body weight up with your hands or elbows and your toes.  It is supposed to be good for your core.  So I was down in San Diego when I found out the plank war was starting.  The rules were to do a plank that could be held for at least a minute.  Two planks a day maximum could be submitted.  I was in a bagel shop when I got the e-mail with Kami and the girls.  I told Kami about the plank wars.  I jokingly said, "I should just do one here."  And that is how I got started.
 Yes, there were people watching and yes I was super, embarrassed.  But as you will see I ended up getting over that!
 Here I am at a museum in San Diego with Kami holding up my feet.
 The girls got in on the action here in front of the fountain.
 I always say, "Mind Over Matter", so this bench was perfect.
 Planking on the rail at Panera.
 I think I am a little too old for these games.
 Trash Day!  My Dad is looking on and he thinks I am nuts!
 In La Jolla overlooking the seals on the beach.
 Getting braver
Ignoring the signs

 This is actually on a cliff
 In front of the Hotel Del Coronado
 In front of a sand castle

 This was one of the hardest ones.
My mom told me not to climb on the furniture!

 Then I started climbing other things!
 Meilynn getting in with the fun
 Panorama Point

 Meilynn and Jilliana doing the plank

 Reading on Mommy
 Playing cards on Mommy
 Emma planking on Mommy
 I tried to get Lily on, but this was the most I could hold.
 Now getting more creative.  Planking during a cooking demonstration at our house.
 Stefania came from Italy to teach us to cook!  She just kept on working.
 At Church between services.
 On my motorcycle
 On top of the owners of the bootcamps car.
 At the Redlands Bowl
 Little fingers in the picture are Jilliana's.  The girls were my photographers.
 Planking on the pool table
 Holding a plank while I plank
 Planking in t he pool
 It was cold.
 Walking the plank with Emma
 Planking on  the plank
 A wall plank at my boot camp
 A group plank at my bootcamp
 Now I am very brave!  Planking at the shampoo bowl
 Planking in a storm
 Planking over a ditch in the rain
 Planking in the snow
 Planking on some pipes I found on the side of the road

Our grand finale was a video done to music.

I won!