Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun pictures and Mommy's Big OOPS!!!!!!

Big Sister Meghan made us a dress up box for our birthdays. In it she put butterfly wings, wands, boas, and crowns. We loved that our big sister made us such a special gift! (I know it doesn't look like they liked it too much in these pictures but after the camera was away they loved it!) I wonder if I can make her cry if I hit her with this wand! I don't like the straps! We love our wagon so much that it is the first thing we run to in the morning, even in our rock star jammies!
Gymboree again! Daddy came to help this time. Meilynn does not like it too much yet. I love Gymboree! We pretended like we were puppies! And of course my favorite part, the gymbo kiss! (a stamp on the hand) Sorry to put this one on again. I can't figure out how to delete it once I put it on.
A big smile from Meilynn! Big sister Meghan knows how to make me smile! Emma loves it too! Tickles times two!
Mommy's Big OOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately the bottom of our stairs has been looking like this. I find the shoes we have worn through out the day and then I put them in a pile to go up the stairs when my hands are empty. Which is not very often because of course they are helping two little girls up the stairs. Yesterday I never made that trip upstairs. So this morning we had an apppointment in San Francisco for the day and I knew my brown shoes were at the bottom of the stairs. We had to get up at 5:00 am to make our flight at 8:00. So in our hurry to get out the door so early I just grabbed my shoes and put them on. We got to the airport fine and then went through security. I was waiting on the other side for my shoes. The grey tub comes through the machine and guess what was in it. My two shoes! Only they were not my two brown shoes. There was a black shoe and a brown shoe. I just looked and couldn't believe it! I called Mike over and pointed to the tub and he just started laughing!Now you have to remember it was dark when we left and I only thought my brown shoes were down there! So I had to wear these shoes all day in San Francisco, at the airports, at pier 39 where we had lunch, at our appointment, and so on. What would you have done? We didn't have time to buy new shoes and I wasn't going to walk around San Francisco in new shoes! So this is what I wore. Now I don't know how many people look at your feet. I am an observant person, but not really a shoe person, so I probably would not have noticed. But, when you go to the airport there are many opportunities where people might notice your shoes. On the bus from the Park and Fly, waiting in line to get on, through security, on the bus that takes you to the rental car place, ok I am going to stop there and just hope that people either looked at me and said "That poor lady!" She must be exhausted! or what I hope they thought was. "Wow, what a trend setter! That is such a great idea! (yeah right!) Anyways I have been having a lot of these moments! And I would rather blame it on being a tired Mommy than on my age!
Here is one more example. I was talking to Kami in Barcelona on Emma's birthday. (This also happened early in the morning and when it was still kind of dark) She wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Emma, so I gave Emma the phone. After Emma was done there was something wrong with the phone. I could barely hear Kami. I told her that I could hardly hear her and she said she could hardly hear me. I kept trying to figure out what Emma had done to the phone when I noticed I was holding it upside down! So I was speaking into the hearing piece and listening in the speaking piece. Of course Kami and I had a big laugh at this! Being a new Mommy again sure has it moments!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Turning Two! x's Two

Meilynn has her first lick of birthday cake batter! She has a sweet tooth and loves it! Emma on the other hand doesn't like it! Emma doesn't get why she likes it. Emma doesn't like it or the cake!
Before Church in their party dresses These are 18 month size and still too big! They like the skirt part! Emma's beautiful dress I am so pretty!
Princess hats and rain boots for Glamis Princess Chairs! Mommy took the easy way out and made cupcakes instead of a cake Party Girls Birthday Girls
Grandma and Papa bought us a wagon and we were in it most of the party! We love it! It is so cool! Meilynn on her new quad Pretty girl
Big sister Meghan helping with the presents Emma loves presents She knows what it is all about Party goers in the kitchen My big sister made me a princess hat
Our cousing Karlee. She will be one in a few weeks The family Papa and Damon More family My friend Debbie who did this most of the party!
Meilynn, my sweet girl loves the ice cream and the cupcake She ate the whole thing Which might explain why she didn't sleep that night Blowing out the candles We had to re-light a few times! Emma knew what to do only a little too early!
Post to follow when I have time. I just needed to get the pictures up for my oldest daughter Kami in Barcelona.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Getting Ready for Emma's and Meilynn's birthday!

I bought this dress for Emma's second birthday a long time agoIt has numbers you can change on it either one or two and also a heart.Meilynn's birthday dressOf course I know now that I need two of everything!For the Princess Party A moment of coopreration even though this is a pool table toy they are not supposed to be playing with No more fighting over the bike Meilynn now has her own bike! Meilynn is good at taking the green beans out of her rice
And of course they end up on the floor! After a great deal of thought we decided to celebrate both Meilynn and Emma's birthdays together. I was very hesitant to do this. The girls have different birthdays and they are not twins but even if they were twins I would try to have some birthdays separate. I do want them to have their own identities separate from each other. Since we were not there for Meilynn's second birthday and since it would be hard for her to understand all the attention on Emma, we decided it would be best to do the birthdays together. And since Emma isn't old enough this year to understand that it is only her birthday and when we talk about her birthday she says"Meilynn" we decided to go ahead with the two birthdays. The problem then arose that I had purchased Emma's dress long before we even knew when Meilynn might come home, so I only had one. I love her dress. You can change out the birthday numbers or put a heart on if you don't want the numbers. I couldn't get another one in time for the birthday party tomorrow so yesterday my sister and I went in search of another dress. We found this cute pink and black dress made by the same maker as Emma's dress. And when I went to buy one I knew that I needed two. So now we have two but Emma will still wear her birthday dress that I had already bought. And then they can wear these pink ones together for church etc. We are having a time trying to catch Meilynn up on all the main toys that Emma has. My sister and her boyfriend Tom (who Emma calls Nam) bought Meilynn a bike for her birthday. We gave it to her yesterday so that she could ride with Emma. So no more fighting over the bike. And it doesn't seem to be a problem if they are not exactly the same as long as we define who owns what. Life is very black and white at two and if you know what is what you can live with it I guess. I also got a cute picture of them actually playing together in cooperation. Of course it was with a thing they were not supposed to even have. But, hey, if they are getting along I guess that rule went out the window. And last I have a picture of the bottom of Meilynn's high chair. She is very precise in picking out the green beans out of the rice even though I cut them very small. So as far as vegetables go vitamins will have to do. Oh, they do like the V8 juice that is one serving fruit and one serving vegetables. I also bought a cook book called, "The Sneaky Chef" Simple strategies for hiding healthy foods in kid's favorite meals. I will let you know how that goes. I am anxious to try the Spaghetti and meatballs with 8 hidden vegetables.
I had a few comments on not dressing the girls alike the other day. They were wearing the exact same outfits only different colors. Since we were going to the motorcycle track they were wearing old clothes (pre-meilynn clothes) so I don't have doubles on all of those things. The girls did well with it because I let Emma choose which one she wanted to wear. When Meilynn begins to understand this may not work because she may want the same outfit. So for now if I let Emma choose the color of the cup, clothes, etc they can be different. I only plan on dressing them alike for one or two years depending on how it goes. But it is much easier on me to dress them alike. Speaking of dressing them alike, I did have one funny comment the other day where someone asked me " How will you ever tell them apart?" And they were serious!