Thursday, February 28, 2008

More fun Days!

Wow, three posts in one day! I was so far behind. Mike is away in Australia for 10 days and I have just started boot camp. I have to be there at 5:30 in the am!!!!!! So I have not been able to stay up until my normal 12:00 to get caught up on everything! Needless to say my house is a disaster! And on top of that Emma has had a red bottom for 4 weeks and we cannot find out what it is. She has the most delicate skin. She has ecezema on the back of her legs. She seems to be allergic to most diapers. We put a pull up on her for an hour and she has a mark from the elastic that has been on her waist for a couple of months. We tried night time diapers and she got welts. We tried the pull up kind where you feel when you are wet and she got a red bottom from those. I am taking her to the Dr. again this afternoon. We were given a steroid for her ecezema and that did clear up for the first time in 6 months! So boot camp. I have gained so much weight that I have committed to boot camp for a month. You would think that having two, two year olds would make me lose weight, but no it just keeps going up! So I am up M-F at 5:00 am . It is just not normal to be out when it is still dark in the morning! I am sore everywhere! Tomorrow we have a timed mile run, timed plank, sit up test, and push up test! Yikes! And Emma is waking up again every night. I think because of her bottom. It is so sad. She tells me Mommy my bottom hurts and then tries to scratch it so hard. I feel so helpless when it comes to these types of things. This has been a very busy week for me, so please forgive the lack of posts.Emma and Meilynn in their new leotards. Emma loves Tumble Tots so much that she wants her leotard on when she first wakes up. And then she goes crazy until 10:45 when we have her class. Meilynn likes it but is not as crazy about it as Emma. Trying to get a cute pic Cute Emma look. Meilynn doing her stretching. We love Tumble Tots!
Meilynn looking cute on the swing! Emma having fun in the sun Kami pretends to be sick for Dr. Emma We only have one of these toys so a girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep a sister from taking it while taking care of business!

Sunny Days! Yeah!

Finally! Sun, Sun, Sun! Mommy loves sunny days when we can go outside and eat our lunch and play! And we love it too! Emma enjoying the sand table in the sun. Meilynn getting her hands dirty!
Meilynn taking a break from lunch to scribble on the sidewalk. Later when I didn't have my camera I found out that they also decided to scribble on all the windows on the French Doors! Yeah! No shoes! We have had a lot of rain for Southern California so we are not used to being cooped up all day. First Day in the sand this year! Learning to cooperate
Grandma bought us new two piece lady bug bathing suits but we think they are bras like Mommy and wore them all day! We love our bras! Emma squeezing just a little too tight! Emma showing off her bra Working together to take care of Hello Kitty! Meilynn likes Chocolate and Emma doesn't. I went to ther grocery store today and I asked them if they wanted me to buy ice cream. Emma right away says, "No Chocolate" (I don't know what is wrong with the girl, she doesn't like chocolate. If only I could have that problem) Anyways the "no chocolate" request was reapeated all day. She was so worried that somehow she might get chocolate. It was driving me crazy by the end of the day. She must have said it 100 times during the day.

Jimmy Buffett Party

One of the things that we do as a family is go out to the desert and ride motorcycles, quads, etc. When the girls came along we had to come up with a plan of how it would work out with them. So Mike put together a "Rhino". I think I posted about this earlier. He even went to the extra special trouble to make it pink for his girls and I must say that he gets quite the look when he is in it alone or with another guy. What a special man to be so in touch with his feminine side! He has to with four daughters! Here we are in front of the Rhino and our motorhome. Me, Emma, Mike (the hunk) and Meghan holding Meilynn. (Kami is coaching High School girls soccer so she was at a tournament) Daddy cooking breakfast in our MotorhomeMeilynn enjoying Daddy's cookingThe girls at breakfast
Another view of our RhinoThe girls ride in style. They even have drink holders. Mike is the camp host! He always likes to come up with a theme. This year we had a Jimmy Buffett Party (I hope I am spelling that right!) This is my sisters boyfriend getting into the theme. We like to really get into it. We had blow up palm trees, a monkey, silly hats, flower leis etc. Then we all made hamburgers together and had a great time. The girls love playing out in the sand. Mommy went on a girls trip to Vail Colorado to go skiing while Daddy stayed home with us. Mommy brought us these really cute fairy dresses.
We love the wings!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Taco Tantrum

I made tacos just a little while back. Both the girls are great eaters and love just about any kind of food. Well Meilynn had just a tiny problem with her taco. When she bit into it, it fell apart. Meilynn likes her food just a certain way and usually is very orderly in the way she eats it. She likes her hands clean and uses her napkin often. So when the taco broke you can imagine how upsetting this was to her. She kept saying over and over "Mommy fix it" " Mommy fix it" The whine was getting louder and louder. Oh, I forgot to mention that she is a sloooow eater and so this was the last taco. So, Mommy couldn't fix it. She thought that I just wouldn't fix it. No matter how I tried to get her to understand it I think that she just felt that I wouldn't do it. The whine then turned into a cry. At that point I removed her from the table which made her very, very mad. As you can see she just didn't understand why I wouldn't fix it. It feels good that your children at this age hold you in such a high esteem that they believe you can do anything, but at times like this, I wish they knew that Mommies cannot fix everything!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year early in Los Angeles with the local FCC. We did this last year with Emma and this year we got to take both girls plus their big sister, Kami. It was in China Town in Los Angeles. When the girls are a little older I would like to take them there for the day. Meilynn was very excited to be wearing her special Chinese Dress. The girls are recognizing all things Chinese now. We even had a star sighting at our banquet. We saw the woman Dr. from ER that walks with the limp on that show. She has adopted a daughter from China. I kept looking at her thinking that I knew her personally and then I realized who she was. I think her name is Laura Innes. She played the part of Kerry Weaver.Meilynn loves wearing her Chinese New Year Dress!Emma wants make-up just like Mommy. She is definitely a girly girl. She loves pretty things and sparkles.Showing off their dresses (and Emma showing off a little more)Blowing kissesTrying to get the impossible, a picture of both of the girls looking my way and smiliing.Emma showing her dressMeilynn looking pretty. We had a great time at Chinese New Year. Except for when the lion dancer came in. Emma was scared to death and Meilynn did this funny thing with her arms. She put them over her head and kept them there the whole time.The lion dancer that most kids loved.Meilynn could tolerate it but did this funny thing with her hands.Meilynn with her hands over her headThis is how I had to hold Emma when the Lion Dancer first came in.She would finally take a peek, but was so scared Of course Meilynn loved the dessert Having fun at the party. Emma saw someone whistle like this and tried to do it too. Yum, fortune cookies. Meilynn having a good time.
We found out something we did not know about Meilynn. She LOVES hot tea. She must have had it in China. She knew exactly how to drink it and drank at least 3 glasses and would have had more if I had let her. Mommy has room for both of us on her lap Here they are with Kami just after the Lion Dance. There was also a raffle and we won the Year of the Rat basket. It had some DVD's in it featuring rats and also a big remote control rat. You know how Emma feels about remote controlled things. I am sure we will not let her near it! On the acutal Chinese New Year we went to a local Chinese resturant. We met a family that was waiting. They also had a daughter from China (Hunan) just like Meilynn. They are waiting for a son from Chongqing, just like Emma. What a small world. They invited us to eat with them and their friends who also had adopted two daughters from China. We had a great time getting to meet them and hope to join in their play group.