Monday, April 09, 2012

An April Panda Reunion!

In 2005 I joined a Yahoo Group of women that were waiting for their babies from China.  We were the April Panda  DTC group.  It was an amazing time.  We all waited together.  We supported each other through the wait and all of the trials, joys, and disappointments that came along with our journey together.   

While I was waiting I got to meet another Vicki that was waiting along with me.  She had three grown sons and had already adopted two daughters from China while we were waiting on Emma.  We were close in age and had our first names in common and that we both had grown children.

Vicki lives in Washington and she had family in California.  So when I heard that she was coming down I wanted to meet her.  We arranged a meeting at a mall.  I was so excited to meet her and her two daughters from China.  I had a million questions and since she was experienced it was so great for me.  Her daughters were so sweet.  I just kept looking at them and could not wait for the day that we would meet Emma. 

As the years have passed we have kept in touch.  She was the one that told me about Meilynn.  Vicki was also the one that first told me about Lily.   She is directly responsible for both of these adoptions!  Thank you Vicki!

Time has passed and both of us have seen our families grow.  So when Vicki told me that she was coming down to California I told her she had to stay with us!

And she did!

Here she is with her most recent daughter, Lily

She and her wonderful (any man that has opened his arms to 6 daughters deserves the title of wonderful) husband as well as their 6 daughters came for an overnight stay.

The girls became instant friends!

This is what feeding 10 little girls under 10 looks like!

Vicki's daughters are so sweet and polite!  They were a joy to have!

Since the girls had driven for so many hours we let them play and then we went out to dinner.  After dinner we got baths and everyone in to bed.  Then the adults got to visit.

The next morning we had breakfast, played more, got a little piano practice in for the girls.  Vicki has four that take lessons.  We then gave them a little tour of our town and then took the girls to the park.

 Trying to line up for a picture at the park!
 Emma 6, Ruby 4, Abby, 10, Lily 8, Maddie, 7, Meilynn 6, Jilliana 4, Ellie,9, Lily 4, and Annie 7

After the park we came back for lunch and more playtime.  And all too soon it was time to say good-bye.  I have to say, it did not feel like 10.  The girls got along so well and everything ran so smooth.  We hope we can get together again!

 These next pictures are of us trying to get all 10 in a picture!  Of course there is always one not cooperating.  Jilliana did not want in the picture.
 Jilliana is not in this one and Lily is trying to walk off
 Me trying to convince Jilliana to get in the picture.
 A good one without Jilliana.
Ruby 4, Maddie 7, Meilynn 6, Abby 10, Ellie, 9, Lily 8, Emma 6, Annie 7, Lily 2
 Ok, so I hide behind the girls holding Jilliana in the picture!

And the Good-bye shot with the girls already to go!

Thank you so much for visiting us and please stop by anytime!  You girls are precious!
Have a great Easter break!