Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tracking our LOA

Jun 30, 2007 3:16 PM Delivery exception BEIJING CN Holiday - Business closed
3:15 PM At local FedEx facility BEIJING CN
9:37 AM At local FedEx facility BEIJING CN
Jun 29, 2007 6:48 PM Int'l shipment release BEIJING CN
Jun 28, 2007 10:31 AM Departed FedEx location ANCHORAGE, AK
7:16 AM Arrived at FedEx location ANCHORAGE, AK
2:49 AM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Jun 27, 2007 11:41 PM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
6:31 PM Left origin LAS VEGAS, NV
8:38 AM Picked up LAS VEGAS, NV
As you can see our LOA is stuck, well not really! The CCAA is closed because it is the weekend. So hopefully we will see the final movement late tomorrow since China is ahead of us. Then I can breath a sigh of relief!
The LOA Story
On Friday I got an e-mail from Lin Jing at my agency asking me if when my LOA came in did I want to personally send it to the CCAA so that we could by pass the step of me sending it back to them and then my agency sending it to the CCAA in China. OF COURSE!!! Anything to bring Meilynn home faster. When I wrote back to her I told her we were going to be out of town until Thusday. She wrote me back asking for the address of where we would be just in case the LOA came in. Well we were going to be out in a houseboat in the middle of Lake Mead! I did call the Hotel at the Marina and got a mailing address. The address sounded a little strange and I was worried whether Fed Ex even delivered there. The assured me that they get fed ex. So I sent that off to Lin Jing. I really didn't think we would hear anything until the first week in July at the earliest! So off we went on our trip. I had my phone sitting out in the houseboat and in our boat we had Mike's phone. Just before noon my phone rang but I was playing in the water and couldn't get to it before it quit ringing, but there was a voice mail and it was Lin Jing! And our LOA had come in And she was sending it to the address I gave her. The whole family was so excited! I missed that I couldn't share the news right away with everyone in my Yahoo groups but I was really happy that it had come! This means that we have final approval and we respond back that YES! we want Meilynn as our daughter! That night we went up to the Marina Hotel and I told them I was expecting a very, very, important fed ex and to call us as soon as it arrived. I was hoping to get it before 10:00 and then drive into Las Vegas to send it off before 5:00. The next morning I stopped in again to remind them just in case there was a shift change and they didn't get the message. At 12:00 I was starting to get worried that it didn't make it to the address. We called the marina but they had recieved no shipments yet. The guy at the Hotel said they come by 11:00 so I was very upset, but when Mike called they said they usually get them by 4:00. I knew now it was too late to send it that day but I didn't care I just wanted to know that it got there. At 4:00 they called to say it had arrived! YES!!
I got up early WED. to drive it to Las Vegas, but the directions the guy at the Hotel did not get me there. I remembered when we drove into Henderson that a saw a Fed Ex Kinkos so I decided to drive there, another 45 minutes. I had already used an hour driving to the first one. I found it but I was really worried to leave it there becuase they were in the middle of a move. But as you can see it did get on its way and I cannot wait until I see delivered on the fed ex tracking! Now the rush begins to get everything done, but I couldn't be happier! Meilynn you don't know it yet but you have a family that cannot wait to hold you in their arms.

Houseboat trip and LOA!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Tippy Tail and her House Boat adventure! Hi! I am Emma Sophia Mingjing also known as Miss Tippy Tail
On our houseboat trip I had my first Pop-ca-ple. Mommy had to teach me how to suck it and not bite it! It was cold. After a while I showed Mommy my technique! Sucking on the side to avoid the stick!
My Mei Mei, (really she is my Jie, Jie but since her name is Meghan I have always called her Mei Mei) came after I was an expert and I showed her how to eat one! This is the way I spend my afternoons! Playing at the lake and driving the boat wears you out! Here I am with my cousin Frankie! I can't say my f's yet so his name is hard for me.I usually do something fun like this and then he copies me.
My Daddy lets me darive the boat. Here I am getting a ride to the end of the dock, Princess style! A very important paper came that Mommy and Daddy were so happy to get. They call it an LOA. It means my sister is going to come home! She will also be my big sister. Now I will have three big sisters and I am the Mei Mei. Here is that very important piece of paper. Me and my Mei, Mei!
Aunt Debbie likes to read to me. I rode the wave runner with my Mommy. Here I am driving the houseboat! Playing in the sand with Courtney! Aunt Debbie giving me a bath in the Lake, but I thought we were swimming! I had a really great time on my first house boat adventure. It would have been perfect if my sisters Kami and Meilynn had been there, but there is always next year!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

LOA IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our LOA arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am at Lake Mead without internet access but I just had to post that we did get it and in usual fashion it was not usual at all for us. I was on a houseboat!!!!!!!!! I will explain more when we get home!!!!!! LOA arrived on day 69! LOI March 1 2007 PA April 10, 2007 DTC April 10, 2007 LID April 17, 2007 LOA JUNE 25, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I THINK WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got so many helpful hints and advice. I liked the idea of putting her on Daddy's shoulders and then taking the picture. But, I still think she would have cried when she saw the camera/stranger. Afterall I did take her big sister MeiMei with us and when she is around Emma is the happiest! So someone sent us this great site that told how to do it.
We followed most of the advice. We really just took this picture to try it out. We pulled her in out of the sandbox. If you look really close when the picture is blown up there is sand on her chin! And she now has a little cold and that is drool and snot on her shirt. But, we are going to use this one! I am not going to mess with this project any longer.
Thank you all for your loving support and advice. I love how when there is a problem you all come through for me! Hoping to hear good news soon so I can send the picture off!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Visa Crisis PART TWO

Well, I tried again! At least I got a picture this time! Do you think they will accept ths photo for her Visa photo? She woke up in a good mood and her big sister Mei, Mei (Meghan) came by so I thought maybe it would go better with Mei Mei. We decided to go to another place. First we went to the post office but they are only taking appointments and the passport office was not even open. So we ran across the street to Wal Mart because I thought I remembered that they do passport type photos. We went in and I thought this might work. Emma is familiar with Wal Mart and maybe she wouldn't have the same problem. We went up to the counter and I asked for the passport photo. Emma knew something was up because I could feel the clinging beginning. I told the photographer we had tried yesterday but had not even got a picture. So I told her to shoot it no matter what. As soon as I tried to stand her in front of the screen she lost it. So I am not sure if it is the camera or the lady. I take photos all the time. Granted this camera looks different but whatever it is she acts like she is getting a shot! When I look back at her referral photo's she is not happy in those either.
I don't know what it is, but you would think we were killing her. I had Meghan go into the McDonalds and buy her a juice. The photographer gave her a balloon and some stuffed toys and left us alone to regroup. (Now I am thinking Emma is smart and if everytime she acts like this she gets juice (which is a real treat for her), balloons, and stuffed animals are we rewarding this behavior? Then I think NO! I need this picture no matter what it takes! So she starts to calm down a little. I am holding her and she is calming down. So we get this brilliant idea to cover me in a white blanket (I am now demoted to the background) and hold her at the same time. Meghan throws the blanket over my head and they start making motorcycle noises! Luckily I cannot see the passerbys. I am covered in blanket! They snap a picture and we hope that it is the one!
Notice the blanket? That is me! And you can see a hole in it. We are not sure whether the Chinese Consulate will accept this because she is looking away. So we plan to send both and hope that they will take one! Whew!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This may be the picture we will have to use for Emma's Visa Picture! do you think they will take it? Today I went to our local UPS store to get Emma's Visa picture. We need to be ready to send for our Visa's as soon as we get the LOA. So I thought no big deal. On the way down to shopping I will just stop in and we will snap the picture and be done with it. But are things ever as easy as they seem? NO! We walk in and I tell the girl behind the counter that I need Visa picture's for Miss Tippy Tail. She tells us to come behind the counter. As soon as we do........
I do not know what Emma thought we were going to do there. But somehow I think she thought it might be shot related! She began crying and clinging to me. I tried to calm her down but to no avail! She clung tighter and screamed louder. I saw that a few people had come in so I told the girl, "Why don't you go wait on your customers and I wil try to calm her". We were sitting on the floor behind the counter and the crying only got louder and louder. I felt so sorry for the people trying to get whatever they needed. I am sure they were wondering what I was doing with a screaming kid behind the counter. After 15 minutes of this people started giving advice. "Why don't you hold her up over your arms so they can take the picture?" I couldn't even pry her off of my shoulder let alone bench press her over my head! " Why don't you hold her and have her face the camera over your shoulder?" Again, if you could have seen us you wouldn't even suggest this. Emma dug her face so tight into my chest that you couldn't see her face. It was in the 90's today and it felt like at least that in the store! After 20 minutes I tried calling Daddy. Daddy talked to Emma but still she wouldn't stop! I tried every trick I know! By now my shirt is soaking wet with tears and baby snot. She is doing that pitiful crying where your whole body inhales with each breath. I finally decide this is not going to happen and leave. So who wants to take care of Emma while we go to China because she cannot go without a Visa. Just kidding! I am open to suggestions! Vicki

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quilt Squares Are Off To The Quilter!!

YES! Finally! I have sent the Quilt Squares off! I was so worried that I was not going to have enough! With this adoption happening so much faster and not being a part of three DTC groups it was a lot harder to get to 100 wishes for the Quilt and 30 wishes for the cuddle quilt. I know how much it is going to mean to Meilynn. Emma already enjoys her quilt so much!
Can you believe that these two Zip Lock bags hold enough squares to make two quilts?The first two squares that Meilynn received!My really good friend, Mary, made this cuddle quilt for Emma. She had bought fabric for her quilt but you know how life gets away and she missed the deadline. (Did I mention she is the most popular Pediatrican in our city?) So she brought over quilt squares for Meilynn's quilt and the very next day on my doorstep was a cuddle quilt( that she made herself! ) for Emma. The woman is amazing and special!I only wish I had such talent! Here is Emma the first week home on her quilt!


Yesterday a new group of LOA's came in. They went up until April 12. We are April 17. What does this mean? Well, an LOA is the final approval that says you are approved to adopt your child and you send it back the minute you get it saying that you still want to adopt your child. LOA stands for Letter of Acceptance. When you send your LOA back then it can be anywhere from 2 -4 weeks to get your TA, which is Travel Approval. With Travel Approval you can make your Consulate appointment and travel arrangements. How long this takes depends on how fast you and your agency can get it together. Usually about 2 weeks. Now the part I have to explain is that even though logically you would think we are next this does not always happen. I know of many cases where this does not go in calendar order. There are people with March LID's that don't have LOA yet. Are you confused yet? So what I laid out above is the best case scenario. Oh, and usually another batch of LOA's will come in two weeks but the CCAA is visiting the USA and there could be a delay!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how you know something is not going to happen but there is a slight chance that it will, but then you don't want to be disappointed if if doesn't happen, so you try not to think it will, and then it doesn't and you are disappointed? That is how I felt yesterday. But today I just have to look at my little beauty below and know that for some reason God has given us more time together before she has to share her Mommy! Too Cute for words! One of her favorite games! Mommy trying to get me to pose. My backless dress! Oh, and I am wearing Meilynn's because it is smaller and mine is too big. When Meilynn gets here maybe I will fit in mine! It is really pretty. Mommy got them on e-bay.
Mommy, look at these flowers! And here are the dellow ones. The first color she learned. Dellow! The sun is bright! I don't like to touch the grass. Mommy said to hold my dress out. I didn't understand.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Love Without Boundries Auction

I won this print in the recent auction for Love Without Boundries. I love it. It is a picture of a group of girls adopted from China that got together for a reunion. I hope to get a picture like this of Emma and her whole group someday!

Guitar Hero!

I am not sure if any of you are aware of the video game, "Guitar Hero"? Mike just bought the game to take up to a retreat with some guys. It is a game where you and another player pretend to be rock stars and try to hit the notes. Emma loves the game! She thinks that she is really playing. She is going through the stage where she loves to take of her clothes. The other day I came into the family room and I found my little naked rock star! At least she is in her chair and not Meilynns! Oh, by the way. Mike is wearing his clothes when he plays!

Lets talk shoes!

I don't remember shoes being such a problem with Kami and Meghan when they were little. Maybe buying so many shoes in China has turned Miss Tippy Tail into a person obsessed with shoes? I just had to put this shoe picture in since I am talking about shoes. It was in China and it was Emma's first pair of Squeaky Shoes. As you can see from above it was not her last! Miss Tippy Tail (Emma) is always taking her shoes off in the car. I don't care how far we are going her shoes are off and her tippy tails are out before we get to where we are going. Then when we get there I spend a few minutes putting them back on and fixing her hair back. Emma has heard me say awwwww! so much when she takes them off, that when I hear her say awwww! in the back seat I know she has taken them off again. Then the opposite is true at home! She insists on putting them on and if there is more than one pair laying around she has to put those on. The problem with this is half the time I have to help her. If they are sandals she can do it by herself. I feel like my day is spent putting on and taking off shoes. Really if someone were to time it it would be a big part of my day wasted. I would much rather sit down and read a book with her than to play this shoe game! These are some really cute shoes that Meghan bought her in England! Well the purpose of this little rant is that yesterday we went to the grocery store. Miss Tippy Tail was happy to see that she got the grocery cart shaped like a car so she could drive throughout the store. I was really making progress and almost done when I looked in the cart and noticed her shoes were missing. Of course I make a big deal and say "Where are your shoes? Of course there was no reply to this question, as usual. So I began my search of the store. She happened to be wearing white sandals and the floor is white, so up and down every isle I went in search of the squeaky shoes. I got to the end and no shoes. A few people heard me asking her about her shoes and so they kept stopping me to see if I had found them. Finally a lady overheard me talking about the shoes and said, Oh are these the shoes you are looking for? Duh, yes! I thanked her so much but deep inside I was wondering if she was really going to keep them because I had passed her a couple of times and I was the only person in the store with a kid and she never said a thing. Well anyways we had them so back on her feet they went. Now here is the irony. Mike decides since he is leaving tomorrow for a few days he will take us out to Cold Stone. Yipee! I decided to bath Miss Tippy Tail and put on her jammies so the rest of the night would be a breeze. We put on her Dora jammies and her squeaky sandals, the ones from the earlier store trip. By the time we get to Cold Stone,(you know it) the shoes are off! And not only off but the strap has come off. So now we are at Cold Stone with a daughter who wants to run around barefoot! The irony is that I spent so much time searching for them that day and look what happened! I guess you know what I will be buying on our next trip to China?