Monday, November 28, 2011


I am sure you must be thinking that we have fallen off the face of the earth?  We are still here and doing well, not just well but great!  Things are busier than ever and just when I think that cannot happen, it does.  So here are the pictures I promised and I am sure you will agree that it was worth the wait!  Again, I will try to catch up a little at a time.  We did celebrate our little monkey's fourth birthday and I want to get that here as fast as possible.  

 Emma 6, Meilynn 6......Little Red Riding Hood and Strawberry Shortcake

 Lily the Rockstar, 8 going on 15

 Jilliana, our little Monkey, 3 almost 4 here

 First Trick-or-Treat for Jilliana

 She thought it was pretty cool!

The part you don't see, picking boogers out of noses...
spraying hair red..

I am truly a blessed Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Cuteness To Come

So much more to come but I couldn't leave you hanging!

Jilliana on her first Halloween!  She was our little Monkey!  She loved, loved, loved,  Halloween!  We would go to one house and as soon as we left the porch she would say, "Can I go to that one?" She did this on every house.  She was not afraid of any of the costumes or of going up to any of the houses.  She would proudly shout out her Trick or Treat and open her bag and say Thank You!  Then she would just stare as if she could not believe this could really be happening!  Every day we look at this little monkey and can not believe that God blessed us with such a miracle!  Thank you God!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Back and With Room For A Lot More Pictures

Well this time I have an excuse or at least an excuse for part of the time.  My computer came up with a warning that told me that soon my hard drive would be at its maximum capability.  So my dear husband took it and put a new bigger and better hard drive in it.  There were a few complications with getting it in and then as often happens, so much has happened that I don't know where to start.  So I guess I will start with today and hopefully I can fill in with the things that I missed.

Today Kami and I decided to take the girls up to Oak Glen for breakfast. (Mike was getting in some last minute motorcycle riding in before his operation on his ankle next week.  He injured his ankle years ago and after after trying some therapies  that did not work for him, has decided to have surgery on it.) Oak Glen is a very small little mountain community known for it's apple orchards and apple pie of course.

There is a little petting zoo behind the restaurant we had breakfast at and a little village with just some local crafts.

The first thing that we found were the ponies.  Jilliana had just read a book about horses so it was great to see them in person and ride them.  I wasn't sure if she would but she was very excited and while doing it kept saying, "Look at me!"  Meilynn also gave it a try.  Both Lily and Emma had ridden a pony before, but Meilynn has been too scared to try.  
 Emma enjoying riding her pony "Emme"
 Lily chose "Angel"
 Meilynn got the biggest pony "Apple". (Oh, I forgot to explain the face paint on Emma and Meilynn's faces.  We went to a wedding yesterday and they had a children's reception.  The girls all got their faces painted, but Meilynn and Jilliana wanted to keep theirs on one more day)
Jilliana's first pony ride on "Skippy"

After the pony ride we went into the petting zoo.  We found out they were going to have pig races and a lesson in milking a goat.

 Jilliana liked petting them.
 Lily and Jilliana petting the goats
Jilliana is scolding this one for some reason

I love this picture.  Emma and Meilynn didn't choose to come in to the petting zoo part.  Probably for Emma because she didn't want to step on any ........ and for Meilynn because she was scared.  But what I like about this picture is the attitude of the goat and Emma and Meilynn.  They are having quite the discussion!
Kami took this picture on her cell phone of Lily and Emma posing for a picture, but the goat was trying to eat Lily's skirt.

Lily volunteered and got to be the person to decide which pig won the pig race.
 Here they go, Cheetah, Halfpint and Jet 5!

Halfpint was the winner!

 Lily milking the goat
 Emma milking the goat
 Jilliana milking the goat
 Every time she squeezed
She would look in the bucket in disbelief

 We got to see the baby pigs