Tuesday, March 25, 2008


OK, I loaded so many pictures of Easter and the days before that I don't feel like going back and arranging them in order so, they are going to be a little out of order! Sorry! This is a picture out at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had an Easter egg hunt just for the girls before the older kids hunt. We forgot to bring the baskets, but Grandma's grocery bags worked just as well. Emma finding a green egg. Grandma and Kami having a fun time uploading pictures on Grandma's new computer. This picture is not at Easter but just the day after. It was one of those super cute moments. Meilynn had just got an organic sucker for going poopie on the potty. She was eating it outside but came in upset that she had lost it. Emma found it on Meilynn's shirt! Emma was so cute. She said, "Emma tind it. It is on Meilynn's tirt." I just started cracking up and then we all did and I grabbed my camera. That is her sucker stuck on the front of her shirt.
A little break from hunting for eggs at Grandmas. Daddy makes a comfortable chair. Meilynn is a good finder of eggs Emma finding another one. It was a beautiful wa0rm day. It was 80 degrees! Aunt Julie takes time out to put specail stickers on Meilynn's toes. Emma also got hers done.
I tried to get a picture before Church. I think Mike got a better one. I will post it when I get a chance. Picking oranges with Grandpa and Nick (Meghan's boyfriend) on Easter. Picking our own oranges. Emma enjoying a candy bracelet from Aunt Debbie Emma with facial hair.
The Easter bunny brought babies that can go in the bathtub. I realized that the girls didn't have any dolls that could go in water. They were pretending to give these tiny zoo aninmals baths, so I found these dolls and Target and they were a hit. They take them in the bathtub and in the swimming pool too. It was actually warm enough to go in the pool yesterday! Easter Egg hunt at home. Finding the eggs the bunny hid. He left so many Kami, head videographer.
Easter morning. New Hello Kitty pillowcases New purses Hello Kitty eggs! New bath babies
Coloring eggs with Grandma Loving Grandma Meilynn and Grandma A kiss for grandma Emma and her basket.
Kami and Emma coloring eggs Mommy and Meilynn Daddy and Emma We colored eggs and Grandmas the night before Easter. We decided that no clothes was the way to go. Too bad we didn't decide this for everyone. Emma thew an egg in the dye and it splashed all over Daddy! Maybe next year Daddy will be wearing just his underwear! he, he A moment of sharing
The Easter Bunny downtown. Emma and Meilynn will still have nothing to do with him! A special moment in the backyard, playing with her red thread doll, Magnolia Emma loves her doll Meilynn, of course with her Hello Kitty Swinging with their dolls
Look at the ears Before the Easter Egg Hunt downtown. They were so ready but when we got there we found out that they had already done their age group, even though the paper said it would be at 10:00. So we decided to get in on the big kids hunt. They start them in a line and then they just let them sprint up the street to collect eggs that have not been hidden but just thrown all over the street. We started up the line so that they could get a few before the masses attacked. The eggs were gone in a matter of seconds. Meilynn and Emma are still trying to figure it out!
Taking good care of the babies. Hello Kitty is thristy My flowers enjoing a picnic in the backyard Emma Sophia Mingjing They did not really get their ears pierced. The Easter Bunny brought stick on earrings. I cannot imagine taking care of pierced ears. I can't imagine them even going to get them done. I cannot imagine not loosing them. I cannot imagine adding another task to my day. So it is stick on earrings for us, until they are old enough to ask to get them done and know how to be responsible to take care of them on their own.

Monday, March 17, 2008

First Egg Hunt for Meilynn and Spring days

Big sister Kami took us shopping at Wal Mart and we got new balls. Daddy came home and played with us and he popped Meilynn's ball. Our other Big Sister was at Wal Mart later and she bought Meilynn a new ball. Daddy is not allowed to kick this one! We got invited to a local play group for people that have adopted from China. They were having an Easter Party Picnic. We had so much fun. Everyone brought bikes, scooters and cars and everyone shared so well. Mommy couldn't get us out of this truck. There was also a jumper. And we love jumpers. It was at a private park so it was only our group. We had bar b que hamburgers and all the things that go with them. Yum!
I think this is Emma trying a scooter. That is one of the bigger girls on a bike. Emma gave Meilynn a ride in this car. Everyone got along so well. Meilynn's first Easter Egg Hunt.Emma with her eggs. We didn't bring our Easter baskets that Mommy ordered because they are too big to carry! Mommy got this basket at a party and a friend gave Mommy another one so that we both would have one. They are more our size! Meilynn was really good at finding eggs.Meilynn looking at her treasures.Emma showing hers to big sister Kami. Emma with a blue egg.
Not the most flattering of pictures but I couldn't leave out this special moment with Daddy sharing a shake that he made.
Daddy bought us these shirts in Australia. We thought they were perfect for a walk after our nap. Pausing for a break Emma discovering an Ant trail. Emma and Meilynn looking at the ants.Kami trying to scoop up a rolly polly to show the girls. It was not as easy as she remembered.Finally she gets it on her hand. Meilynn wants to touch it too. Emma is an observer.The rolly polly in Kami's hand. Or is it spelled rollie pollie?
Just a few answers to questions that a few of you have e-mailed me. The girls are still in cribs. My plan was to keep them in cribs until at three if I could and it looks like we will do that. They are so short they have not been able to climb out. I feel safer with them contained in their cribs!
As far as nap time. They both take naps, but we have had to seperate them for naps. Meilynn sleeps in her crib in their room and Emma sleeps in her porta crib in Mommy and Daddy's room. They were chatting and not sleeping. Plus, usually Emma sleeps longer if she is by herself at nap time. Meilynn sleeps longer at night but she doesn't seem to wake up when Emma calls for me in the morning.
We just finished Meilynn's 6 month post placement a few weeks ago and she is doing great! She knows all of her colors, can count to five and knows some of the other numbers. She can pick out the letters M, A, O, E, and X. Her language is almost to the same level as Emma's. She has gained 5 pounds! She was only 20 pounds when we got her at 2 years 2 months. Now she weighs 25 the same as Emma. They both wear 18 months pants and 2 T shirts. Emma is maybe a 1/2 inch taller than Meilynn. I would say that Meilynn's adjustment has been easier than Emma's. I think that is because Meilynn has Emma for an example. Most people think they are twins. We still dress them alike for the most part to avoid fights. They usually choose to wear different shoes and today Emma decided to wear something different than Meilynn.
My favorite thing right now is the cute conversations that they are having together. I can't imagine them not having each other.