Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We can use our breaks and other things!

With all of the excitement of moving back into our house, Christmas, and Meghan getting engaged,  I have not had a lot of time to post to our  blog.  I regret this because each day with Emma and Meilynn is so special and I want them to have this record of their lives.  Because of our age it is even more important to keep this record for them and they are just saying the cutest things!
Here the girls are going down the street for the first time using their brakes.  Emma in the front is a little braver.  The girls have been riding around the kitchen on the bikes Santa brought because there are no hills and the weather is always perfect.  However,  Emma ran into me going very fast the other day.  I have a big bruise and a gouge out of my leg, so we have moved their bikes outside and I am working on teaching them how to use their brakes.  Emma has the hang of it and Meilynn is almost there. Emma is going fast! Meilynn is almost there.
This was the first time they were able to pedal all the way up our street too.  We live on a gradual hill and they were unable to pedal up until yesterday.  Yeah, no more mommy pushing them up.  Have you ever tried pushing two three year olds on two bikes up a hill?  It is not easy!  After we got home the girls noticed they had mud on their tires so I had to wash them off.  Then they discovered that their bikes make "footprints".  I love watching them learn on their own.  So I told them they were called tracks and they spent a good 20 minutes making tracks on the driveway.  Who would guess that a little  puddle of water could be so much fun?
Another Milestone!  Meilynn and Emma are allowed their first popcorn!  I love popcorn!  The girls have seen me eat popcorn since they have become part of our family.  I always gave them Cheerios when I had my popcorn or I had it after they were sleeping  They had been waiting for the day to come when mommy would let them finally have it.  Now that Emma is 3 1/2  I thought that the time had come to let them try it.  They were so happy to have what mommy has.  (That just goes to show you that your children model what you do,  I guess I am going to have to give up my diet coke habit!  ugh!)
Emma on the left just thought it was o.k.  Meilynn really liked it though.  The next big thing they are waiting for is to try gum.  I really don't want them chewing gum.  I told them not until they are four, but I may amend that to 5.
Big sister Kami came over to make cupcakes (Meilynn and Emma call them "pupcakes") for some girls that she had coached last year on the soccer high school team, so of course she had her little helpers.  Meilynn on the left and Emma on the right.
Don't they just look like perfect angels?
I like this picture of Emma!  Not such an angel now is she?
Here she is again!  

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meghan is getting married!

Yes!  It is Meghan!  And we could not be more pleased for her and Nick.  We feel confident that Meghan has made a wise choice in finding a husband that is a man of God and will cherish her, take care of her, and love her for the beautiful person that she is. We are excited to add a son-in-law to our family.  They got engaged December 21.  He sent her on a scavenger hunt to places that were special to them and important to them.  They ended at our church where he made his proposal and she said, "Yes!"  The wedding is planned for August.  So if there is any Mother of the  Bride advice out there I could sure use it. They came home and I snapped this picture of the very happy couple.
Meghan and Nick, moments after the engagement.
The Ring
The happy couple
Calling Grandma and Grandpas and the family!