Saturday, January 23, 2010

Four More Days!

I had every intention of getting my shopping done today and my personal packing.  I did get some things done that needed to be done, but I did not get to my packing.  I had several coupons to use that were going to expire and they were not just percents off they were worth money, so I didn't want them to go to waste.  I had $30 at The Children's place so I bought the girls a couple of play skirts and shirts for summer and two hats for our trip to China if it is cold in Guilin.  I have decided not to buy anymore for Lily until I do know her true size.

We got three skirts and two shirts and I only paid $6.00.  (The Hello Kitty Skirts and shirts were not part of this deal)

I went to Gymboree to spend my Gymbucks that were going to expire tomorrow, but I couldn't find anything that I really liked and the girls were more interested in watching the little t.v. then trying on.  The Gymboree clothes run so big, I really need to try them on.  Even the 3T's can be too big on them unless they have the adjustable waist.  So after spending way to much time getting frustrated with them, I decided that I would just order on-line when I got home.

I had a $10.00 certificate for Macy's and I like to buy pants there so I bought a pair of black pants.  By the time I was ready to start trying on jeans, the girls had really had their fill of shopping.  They needed to go to the bathroom again, which is no easy feat.  Because they are so short, I still have to lift them on to the potty and I have to lift them to wash their hands.  Try doing that holding three coats, a purse, and bags.  After attempting a few more stores, I was ready to give up.  I got in the car and my best friend and her adult daughter called and offered to help.  I met them at the mall closer to our house and Samantha (Julie's daughter) took the girls to the Disney Store while I tried on jeans.  I was able to find some really quick without my little monkey's.  Samantha offered to take them home while her Mom and I went shopping for little gifts to take to the kids at the orphanage.  I didn't want to bring them candy since a lot of the pictures that I have found of Lily were of her with a sucker in her mouth.  I am afraid what her teeth might be like.  We were really fortunate with Emma and Meilynn's teeth, but I am not sure of the dental health of Lily's.  We were able to get quite a few little gifts for the kids we hope to meet at the orphanage.

Mostly pens, pencils, notepads, playing cards and paper to write on.  I hope we get to go there.  I have pictures to bring to the Director from some of the people that have adopted from Yangjiang SWI.  There are also three children that I hope to take pictures of for their waiting parents.  I would like to take Lily to buy something for her best friend who will be adopted next month.

I also bought a few gifts for the host family that will be hosting us for Chinese New Year in their home.  I asked Michael at Always and Forever (They are our tour agency.  We used them for our last trip also and they are wonderful) if there were any cultural things we needed to know and what to wear.  He said to avoid wearing white or black.  He told us not to give a clock as a gift because clock in Chinese sounds like the character "termination" or "death".  I am very excited to get to celebrate Chinese New Year in China.

Our guide for our post-tour is an adoptive mother herself.  Her daughter is 8 or 9 so I bought her an American Girl Magazine, and some basic workbook type books to  practice writing her letters in English.  While I was at Barnes and Nobel I found two books which I think will be good for me.  One is the Connected Child and the other is, I Love You Rituals.  It has a lot of activities to build bonds of unconditional love.  A lot of the things are fingerplays that encourage touching, playing, and caring.  On the back of the book there are two rhymes and it asks, "Which rhyme would you rather share with your child?

There was an old Lady                              A wonderful woman
who lived in a shoe.                                    lived in a shoe.
She had so many children,                         She had so many children,
she didn't know what to do.                     She knew exactly what to do.
She fed the some broth                         She held them, she rocked them,
without any bread,                                 and tucked them in bed.
And whipped them all soundly          "I love you, I love you,"
and sent them to bed.                            is what she said.

The back says "I love you rituals offers more than seventy delightful rhymes and games that send the message of unconditional love and enhance children's social, emotional, and school success."

I think that this book will be a good place for Lily and me to start to bond.

I also found two books that I thought would be good for Emma and Meilynn on the plane.  One is,"Feeling Angry" and the other is , "Needing Attention".  I expect them to go through both of these emotions once the realize they have to share me with Lily.

My good friend Julie and Samantha also offered to take the girls to see a Christian based play of Cinderella tomorrow after we go to Church so I can get more accomplished. I am so lucky to have friends that care about Lily and know this is the way that they can help me to get to her.

 I really am not a very organized person.  My brain has been very scattered the last couple of days.  I jsut keep making lists and try to check things off.  Meilynn is better from whatever she had.  My new list tonight is:
Find Meilynn's Ladybug Hairband (its missing)
Send my Quilt squares off by Tuesday
Organize the girl's bathroom so that there are places for three instead of two.
Sew the button on Meilynn's slipper.
Think of the questions I want to ask the SWI about Lily and her six years living there.  If anyone wants to help with this one I would appreciate it.
Make a list of things that I want the guide/translator to tell Lily.  This is very important to me since she speaks a dialect of Cantonese and I don't know if anyone will be able to talk with her once we get home.  I know we can act out many things and point to pictures, but I want to convey things that are more feelings.  That we will be her parents always.  That we will take care of her and keep her safe.  That we know she might become frustrated with not being able to talk to us, but that she will learn and we will be patient with her.  Please help me with this list also.  I think it is the most important.
Pack my things.
Send pictures from my computer to get printed of our extended family, house, etc.  Basically the same pictures that we sent to her just in case they did not give them to her.

Thank you all so much for caring.  And to my special friends waiting for TA still,  I have you in my thoughts constantly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bring me the slipper and the button tomorrow when we connect with the girls and and I will sew it on for you and get it back to you Monday.
I had fun with you today and the girls made me laugh!!! I can't wait for Lily to come home.
Friend Julie

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. I think you have it all together. I pray for a safe trip as you bring little Lily Noel home.
Luv Mom

Courtney said...

EEEK! Can you believe we're leaving next week??? We are running around at our house trying to get everything done. This is so exciting!

Looking forward to meeting you in GUZ!
Courtney (misscourtneyk on RQ)

The Ferrill's said...

Vicki that is SO NEAT that you will get to be there for Chinese New Year! What a wonderful thing for Lily to experience with her new family. I bet she will be able to tell you all sorts of things about it...I know the language barrier will be hard at first, but I know someone who bought a pocket translator when they got to China and I think it really helped them. I'm not sure if they have one for Cantonese; her son spoke Mandarin, but you might want to check into that? Regardless, the language of eye contact, smiles, and laughter is UNIVERSAL, and I pray you will have an abundance of all three! :)
I am SO excited you're trip is NOW! You have done a great job getting it together quickly!
Praying for you!

Colleen said...

whoo hooo!!!! Almost time!!! Can't wait!!! : )

Carla said...

I can't believe it's so close!!

So, the mention of Lily's best friend...does that mean you know who is adopting her now?! I pray it is so, I've been praying so much that these two girls could keep that bond in some way.

Melanie & David said...

So much excitement - you look like you really have it all together! I am looking at all your packing and feeling completely overwhelmed. I have nothing that has made it into a suitcase yet. I keep buying stuff and then I see things or think of things that I should still buy! I need to get one of those hanging things that weighs the luggage - that is awesome. All your packing looks so neat and organized. What are those things that look like single serve Benedryls? I sent my poor friend to Walmart with a shopping list for all our first aid supplies. My ped would NOT give me an antibiotic prescription. Ugghh.
We'll see you soon at the Garden hotel and hopefully can follow your blog while in province. Safe travels and wishing you a wonderful Gotcha day. Those are some great looking books that you purchased.

Anonymous said...

You are soon to be on the airplane to Lily, we can't wait to see her in your arms! I wonder if she knows Yang Hai (our son)? Gosh tell her he is coming home soon to her area :)
Have a wonderful trip.
Kathleen and John