Wednesday, December 29, 2010

School PIctures

 Emma Sophia Mingjing  5 years old
 Meilynn Grace Shiyue 5 years old
 Lily Noel Xiaohuan 7 years old
Emma, Meilynn Lily

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lyla's Visit

This post is long overdue, but it was such an important visit that I don't want to leave it out.  We all went to the airport to meet Lyla and her Mom,  Jennifer.  Their plane was delayed but we were able to track it on the computer and were also able to text message with Jennifer when they were leaving.  Emma, Meilynn and Lily were so excited and could not wait for the plane to get here.

 Waiting for Lyla
 We see them on the escalator!

 Lily giving Lyla her Minnie Mouse balloon.  We planned to go to Disneyland after picking them up.  The weather was beautiful.
  Lyla brought Lily the cutest matching Mickey t-shirt.  She put it on at the car.  This is the girls riding the bus to get to Disneyland.
 Everyone has to get a shot at the entrance.

 Lily and Lyla holding hands.
 Seeing Ariel on "It's a Small World".  Lyla loves Ariel.
 Emma and Meilynn
 A Christmas Tree in "It's A Small World"
 In front of Minnie's house.  Emma Lyla Lily and Meilynn.
 On Minnie's couch.
 Meeting Mickey

 Meilynn and Emma with Goofy
 All lit up for Christmas
 Princess Emma and Princess Meilynn
 Everyone enjoying their suckers
 Sucker Break
 We got the girls matching jammies,  They jumped in our bed in the morning.
 Decorating ornaments
 Meilynn and Emma
 Lyla in her princess dress

 Lily proud of hers
 It was fun to have a down day where the girls got to do crafts and play.
 We also decorated Gingerbread houses.
 My Mom came over to decorate with us.  Jennifer was by far the best Architect.

Meilynn just starting hers.

 Lyla playing in the play room with the book that Grandma Jeanie got her.

 Jennifer and Mike.  Mike found out that he broke his scapula.

 Such proud faces

 Playing in the backyard.  It was such a relaxing day.

 Kami dropped by to make one too.
 After building the Gingerbread Houses, we went on a short walk up our street.  This picture is taken at "Look out Point".  It is at the top of our street.
 I love this picture.  Meilynn Lily, Lyla, and Emma
 The girls had a dress rehearsal for their Christmas program at Church.  Lyla was so cute.  She was in the audience mimicking the actions.
 Lily third one over in the black.
 Then off to a quick lunch at McDonalds before the Nutcracker.
 Jennifer, Lyla, and Lily before the ballet.
 After the Nutcracker we went to a street fair at the Mission Inn.  Here the girls are watching some dancers.
 The Mission Inn in the background.
 In front of the Christmas tree.

 Sitting with the Elf.
 The Mission Inn is decorated beautifully for Christmas.  At night the Inn has animated figures and lights everywhere.

 We watched the reindeer being unloaded.  I don't recognize this one with the missing antler?
 At night
 We walked around and then had a bite for dinner at the Tamale Factory.  When we were done eating the lights were lit.
 A Chinese Pagoda right next to the Mission Inn.  It was a gift in recognition of the Chinese that helped to grow this area.
 Back in our hometown there is a small house that has more inflatable decorations than you can believe in such a small space.  The man and woman that live there always dress up like Santa and Mrs. Claus and give out candy canes.

 Noel is Lily's middle name.  Lily Noel

It was a short visit, but a very important visit as we were able to get these little girls together who basically grew up together as sisters.  We love having Lyla and her Mom here to visit.  We can't wait to get together again.