Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leaving in 6 days!

I am finally not running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  But I still have not packed.  I still have to do the normal activities that we do every day, so today was gymnastics.  It is pouring rain here in California like I have never seen before.  So it makes the errand running  interesting for  us who are not used to this much rain.  After gymnastics we ran to the pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions for travel.   I picked up three antibiotics for the girls and pink- eye, drops.  I saw those three little bottles lined up and one had Lily's name on it!  I will soon be the mother of 5 daughters!

Here is our little travel  pharmacy.

After that I went to Barnes and Nobel to get a Cantonese phrase book and to look for a street map of Guangzhou.  While I was there, I found a picture dictionary for Lily.  We can use it in China and here to learn English.  I like it for her because it has everyday pictures and it is not geared for babies.  It is actually geared towards adults, but it is one of the most comprehensive picture dictionaries that I have found.

Here are a few sample pages.  This is the one on underwater creatures.

This is one on a farmers market with fruits and vegetables.

Then Daddy went for a haircut and took the girls for a trim while Mommy continued on with errands.  Meilynn getting her hair trimmed.

Emma getting her trimmed by Eddie.  He cuts Mike's hair and we were actually in the same English class in 10th grade.

I went on to get Lily a toiletry bag and some other little items for activities on the plane.  When I got home I took one look at Meilynn and knew she was sick.  Her cheeks were very flushed.  I took her temp and sure enough, it was 102.  So now we need prayers that she gets better fast and does not repeat what happened to her last year when she had the febrile seizure.  Also, that the rest of us do not get whatever she is beginning to get.  Also that I can sleep without lists of things running through my head of things I need to do.

It's not so bad to be sick when you have a sister to keep you company!

And finally here is a picture of the Hotel we will be staying at.  It is the Garden Hotel.  Our first adoption we stayed at the Victory.  The second, The White Swan, which for us was by far better than the Victory.   So now we will get the opportunity to experience a new neighborhood in Guangzhou.


Kristi said...

Love that there is a bottle with Lily's name on it! So soon, so soon!
I'm praying for Meilynn to recover soon and for the rest of you to avoid whatever she has!
Keep up the good work, you're almost ready!

Lori Lynn said...

How very exciting! I cannot wait to follow along your journey. Here's to a speedy return!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! i check your site several times a day to see the new developments! I pray for an easy transition for the entire famiy.
Soraida in Florida

Carla said...

OH...I'm glad to hear that they are putting families in the Garden Hotel. I'd rather stay there than on the island.

EXCITING on the packing plans...and how things are coming along.