Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meilynn's Hunan Reunion in Cape Cod

We had Meilynn's Hunan adoption reunion in Yarmouth (Cape Cod). We missed last year because we did not hear about it until just before the reunion and then we were already booked for Italy. We were very excited to go because everyone from the travel group was going to make it. And we have never been to Cape Cod before. It is a beautiful place and we had perfect weather! We flew Ontario to Denver and then Denver to Mass. The girls did great on the flights. Our rental car was a Prius. Mike had a great time driving it. Except for the first day when we came out from breakfast and it wouldn't start. The rest of the time it ran great, but took some getting used to the engine just going off when it was on battery. I didn't post pictures of the reunion group since I forgot to ask permission to do so. When we went to China five babies were adopted, Meilynn who was 2, and another girl who was five. I was really looking forward to talking to them about their experience since we are going back for a six year old. It was so great to see everyone. All of the babies are 3 or near 3. Emma and Meilynn are the same size as most of the babies. Emma is almost or at 30 pounds and Meilynn is just behind her at 29. A lot of the girls have older sisters and brothers and everyone played together so well. We had a great time swimming with the group, eating two dinners, and one breakfast. We probably won't be able to make it every year but it will be nice to keep in touch. We ate here at the "Pancake Man" the first morning. The girls also wanted to eat here on our last morning. Right after breakfast here our car wouldn't start. I walked with the girls to a grocery store while Mike called a company to come give us a jump start. We had a lot of firsts on this trip. We took the girls "candle bowling". This is with pins that are straight up and down. You get three tries to knock them down and the ball is a lot smaller. Easier for the girls but Mike and I were not very good at all. In fact Meilynn came close to beating us. Meilynn loved it! The cute little town of Hyannis. No Kennedy spottings! This is our Duck Tour that took us around Hyannis and the Bay. Emma loved the light houses. This one was in Chatham. She called them "Light Up Houses". We never could get on the time change schedule. We were only there from a Thursday until a Tuesday so we slept in and were out late. I would not say the girls were on their best behavior. We had many stubborn moments and crying fits. But we also had many great times. This was one of those perfect moments you remember the rest of your lives. I am all about the senses and this one satisfied so many of them. We were driving around and we saw this cute little pie shop. We pulled in to maybe get a pie or something baked. They had the best pie we have ever tasted! And that is saying a lot since I love to make pie and usually mine is the best. We ordered a little small razzleberry pie, and a cinnamon roll for the girls. We got forks and napkins and came outside and ate it right there. The pie and the roll were just cooked and warm. I can't even put into words how good it was. It was a perfect moment. I was with my family. You could hear the birds singing. The temperature was perfect, and the pie was unbelievable. We liked it so much we ordered three to go to share at the reunion. They also make meat pies which we heard were outstanding. If anyone is going anywhere near Cape Cod, I would not miss this pie shop in Chatham. Our little pie Meilynn on the front porch of the pie shop Emma on the front porch Marion's Pie Shop We spent a lot of time in the Hotel pool Daddy and Meilynn First time miniature golf. Daddy giving Meilynn tips. It turns out she should be giving him tips. she got a hole in one! On the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard Meilynn swinging on the chairs outside the restaurant we ate at on Martha's Vineyard. Emma getting fitted for our ride on Martha's Vineyard This was after much fighting, screaming, and yelling. Daddy and his girls Vietnam Memorial on Martha's Vineyard Jumping for ice cream Homes on the waterfront With all of the sights to see our girls find tracing the manhole one of their favorite things to do On the way back to the airport we stopped to see Plymouth Rock What is the big deal about a rock? The Mayflower II Relaxing The streets of Plymouth Here it is!
We had such a fun time! On the way home our flight got changed which made us miss our flight from Phoenix. We were put up in a Hotel in Phoenix over night without any luggage. Our future son-in-law came to our Hotel and took me to Target to get toothbrushes, things to sleep in etc. We flew home the next day in the same clothes we wore the whole day before and no makeup! It was a great trip!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fourth of July at the Beach

Playing in the sand Emma on the slide At the beach house there is a great community of people that get together for Holidays. We spent Halloween here last year during our remodel. I always try to get fourth of July (We share it with all of our family) because they put on such a great little party. Everyone decorates their bikes and then goes on a little parade around the houses. There is food, a band, slides for the kids, and just a good old fashioned fun time. Learning to do the "Skip It", when I was little I had a "Footsie" and I loved it. Trying to jump over it. Meilynn Meilynn , such cut dimples Emma Ready for the fourth of July parade Emma on Fourth of July Aunt Debbie's boyfriend Tom helping decorate our bikes for the parade.
Daddy decorating the bikes Meilynn's pinwheel Sweet Emma Daddy, Mommy, Meilynn, and Emma on Fourth of July

I am so proud of myself!

For those of you who know me I really don't know much about the computer. I still cannot even get the pictures to go in the order I want. For about a year now I have been wanting a cute background like other blogs. I thought about having someone do it for me. Since being on vacation at the beach I have had a little time to play with it and it was really a lot easier than I thought it would be. Now I want to learn how to make the cute headers with the pictures. That sounds a little beyond what I can do! Also, I want to thank everyone who makes comments and I want to apologize for not always responding. I often respond to the comment I get but it doesn't go back to the responder. I have finally figured out that I can respond back on my blog just as the commenter does, duh! Now that my daughter Meghan has moved away I have a reason to keep things updated. When Kami was living in Barcelona my blog was updated all of the time so that she could see what the girls were doing. So now I have a good excuse!

Learning to Ski on Lake Mead

In June we took a family houseboat trip to Lake Mead with my family. The girls had so much fun. They are the perfect age for playing in the sand and water for hours. They loved playing with all of the old drinking bottles. Emma and Meilynn had a "hanitizer" shop set up. That is the word they use for hand sanitizer. What a different world we live in. We didn't even have hand sanitizer growing up.Here is Emma on the E-Z ski. Our friend invents toys for behind boats and this was one of his newest inventions. I didn't think the girls would go for it but they both did it and loved it. It is really easy for them to do and gets them ready for skiing. A person in the boat holds the rope so that if they fell they would not drag.
So easy that she can even stand up when the boat is not going. Meilynn behind the boat. They are so small to be back there! I was 5 when I learned to ski. Sleeping on the boat after a long morning. Our set up on the beach. Aunt Debbie playing with the girls. A beautiful sunset and a beautiful end to a wonderful day. Daddy and Emma Daddy teaching Emma to drive. Daddy teaching Meilynn to drive the boat.
We always have a great time on the houseboat trip. My parents rent a houseboat and my sisters and their families stay on the boat. My cousins and Aunt stay in the motel and we stayed in our motor home. I always feel so close to God at the lake. The incredible scenery could only have been made by God.