Tuesday, April 27, 2010

San Diego Weekend and Pet Co Park

 We had a weekend in San Diego with an organization that we belong to.  The girls had such a great time.
 Lily loves this "Happy New Year " Tiara and does not want to take it off.
 At the beach

 Oops!  We have a little graffiti artist!

 We had a behind the scenes tour at the San Diego Wild Animal Park
 We got to meet the tortoise which fit in nicely with our story that we just read of "The  Tortoise and The Hare"

 Before going to Pet Co field to play where the Padres play.

 We got to meet the mascot!
 Walk and play on the field

 Enjoying ice cream by homeplate

 Kami up at bat
Lily enjoying her ice cream.

A little catching up

Pictures of  pig visiting for the weekend. I love this picture of Emma and Meilynn and the Pig.  I was happy to see the Pig go back to pre-school, but Meilynn loves the Pig and it was hard for her to see it go.

Meilynn's picture of Pig

Lily had to get a crown on one of the teeth that the enamel was not formed properly.  She is such a brave girl.  No tears at all.  It think it was harder for me to see her get the shot in the mouth than it was for her.
After the crown was put in.

A little Homeschooling.  Learning colors in English, following directions and exercise has never been so fun!

It took awhile, but Lily has mastered making a pattern.  A banana is a great reward.

Emma getting in a little computer time.
Meilynn at the computer.

I am sadly greatly behind in my posting and I have so many pictures to post.  I am working on getting caught up, but things have been crazy busy!  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lily and Language

 For some reason blogger won't let me put in any photo's.  I will try to put one later.
Lily has been home here in the United States for just a little over 8 weeks.  She amazes me everyday with the language that she is learning.  Just this week she started putting many sentences together, more than I will even be able to remember to put here.  But, I thought that I would put down as many as I can remember.  Lily and the girls are on the patio coloring right now so I can hear what they are saying so many of these are from what I am hearing right now and many of them or the more negative things that she learned first.

 "Get off of my chair!" and "Don't touch me!" I hear quite often along with "I know that!"
She can name all of the Disney Princesses.  And can give you the name of all of the toys.  She really has too many nouns now for me to count.

"Wait a minute" is another favorite and the expression, "Oh man"  (I didn't even know that I said that, but after hearing her say it I realized that I do much to my dislike of that expression)

"Give to me."  "Help you" (She uses this for Help me and Help you),
"I don't like...." and a new one today "I can't do it"

"What are you doing?" ( I hear this one all of the time.)  If Mike is not hear she also asks, "What is Daddy doing."

"Shut the door and open the door" are still favorites but now she is using shut and open for other things as well.

She can name all body parts.

She says "I'm sorry" when I tell her to, but not always willingly.
"Excuse me" is a new one.
"Thank you Mommy" or "Thank you Daddy" breaks my heart when she uses it for the things that my other children just expect. Like helping her put a shirt on etc.

"Only one", she hears this a lot for candy or dessert.

"Hold on" "Don't do that"
"My..........." and "Mine", probably the thing I hear the most.

"Where is your....?"
"I'm first"
"Mommy, brush my hair."

Everybody  (She uses this to tell the toys that are to be shared by all)

"Emma make you one"
"You can use my ...."

She can say opposites if I give her one, "Big" "Little"

"Thats o.k., try"

She can tell what has more or less.

"I ask Emma", When she finally learned to ask to borrow something.

"Her scissors right here"
"Daddy kiss me"

"I want these ..."

"Meilynn, this one?"

"Lets go outside, ride bikes, swing....."

She sings several songs, her favorites are a song she learned at Church, Baby Beluga, 5 Little Ducks and a Chinese song that she learned hear, Ni Hao.

"Lets go"

When we get in the car and it is hot she says, "Mommy, hot".

There are so many more and now they are coming faster everyday.  She loves to laugh and is the happiest little thing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Do I Have A Nipple In My Mouth?

I cannot remember if I have posted this or not, but it is too cute to have missed.  We were in the bathroom where I do all of the three heads of hair that I do each day (four if you count mine), so there is a lot of time for reflection and looking at yourself in the mirror.  I am on one side of the bathroom (we had the girls bathroom remodeled so that there is a sink with a built in stool on each side)

 doing Lily's hair when Emma asked me, "Mommy, do I have a nipple in my mouth?"  I thought I heard wrong so I asked, "What did you say?"  She again says, "Mommy, do I have a nipple in my mouth?  Now she has my attention.  I go over to her and ask, "Why do you ask that?  She points in her mouth to show me the "nipple" in her mouth.  I cannot help cracking up.  I have to hold my laughter in and tell her that, "No she does not have a nipple in her mouth, it is in fact a uvula."
(Please ignore the boogers in the nose)  I think my Emma does have a point?  Don't you?

Random Cuteness

Our life is a Circus!
Emma and Daddy
All three playing dressups

Meilynn finds a ladybug (Don't you just love the glasses?)
You do know what the Ladybug means don't you?

We make up our own swim class!
Lily (with her sister touching he)
Lily and Emma

Meilynn with the "Pig Pig"

O.K., I love the idea of the kids bringing home these cute animals from their classrooms with their journals, but in the last 8 weeks Emma has brought home, Pig, Pig, then Meilynn brought home, The Cat In The Hat, and then Lily brought home, Clifford, The Big Red Dog and now, today Meilynn has the Pig.  So I guess we will see The Cat In The Hat soon too.  These animals have to go everywhere with us and be photographed doing all kinds of things!  But as you all know, these days are so short and will pass before you know it, unless you are like me and decide to do everything all over again:)