Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun pictures and Mommy's Big OOPS!!!!!!

Big Sister Meghan made us a dress up box for our birthdays. In it she put butterfly wings, wands, boas, and crowns. We loved that our big sister made us such a special gift! (I know it doesn't look like they liked it too much in these pictures but after the camera was away they loved it!) I wonder if I can make her cry if I hit her with this wand! I don't like the straps! We love our wagon so much that it is the first thing we run to in the morning, even in our rock star jammies!
Gymboree again! Daddy came to help this time. Meilynn does not like it too much yet. I love Gymboree! We pretended like we were puppies! And of course my favorite part, the gymbo kiss! (a stamp on the hand) Sorry to put this one on again. I can't figure out how to delete it once I put it on.
A big smile from Meilynn! Big sister Meghan knows how to make me smile! Emma loves it too! Tickles times two!
Mommy's Big OOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lately the bottom of our stairs has been looking like this. I find the shoes we have worn through out the day and then I put them in a pile to go up the stairs when my hands are empty. Which is not very often because of course they are helping two little girls up the stairs. Yesterday I never made that trip upstairs. So this morning we had an apppointment in San Francisco for the day and I knew my brown shoes were at the bottom of the stairs. We had to get up at 5:00 am to make our flight at 8:00. So in our hurry to get out the door so early I just grabbed my shoes and put them on. We got to the airport fine and then went through security. I was waiting on the other side for my shoes. The grey tub comes through the machine and guess what was in it. My two shoes! Only they were not my two brown shoes. There was a black shoe and a brown shoe. I just looked and couldn't believe it! I called Mike over and pointed to the tub and he just started laughing!Now you have to remember it was dark when we left and I only thought my brown shoes were down there! So I had to wear these shoes all day in San Francisco, at the airports, at pier 39 where we had lunch, at our appointment, and so on. What would you have done? We didn't have time to buy new shoes and I wasn't going to walk around San Francisco in new shoes! So this is what I wore. Now I don't know how many people look at your feet. I am an observant person, but not really a shoe person, so I probably would not have noticed. But, when you go to the airport there are many opportunities where people might notice your shoes. On the bus from the Park and Fly, waiting in line to get on, through security, on the bus that takes you to the rental car place, ok I am going to stop there and just hope that people either looked at me and said "That poor lady!" She must be exhausted! or what I hope they thought was. "Wow, what a trend setter! That is such a great idea! (yeah right!) Anyways I have been having a lot of these moments! And I would rather blame it on being a tired Mommy than on my age!
Here is one more example. I was talking to Kami in Barcelona on Emma's birthday. (This also happened early in the morning and when it was still kind of dark) She wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Emma, so I gave Emma the phone. After Emma was done there was something wrong with the phone. I could barely hear Kami. I told her that I could hardly hear her and she said she could hardly hear me. I kept trying to figure out what Emma had done to the phone when I noticed I was holding it upside down! So I was speaking into the hearing piece and listening in the speaking piece. Of course Kami and I had a big laugh at this! Being a new Mommy again sure has it moments!


prechrswife said...

That is priceless! :-)


Shelby said...

Oh my gosh, the shoe story is hysterical!!!! The girls are to cute!! Shelby

Sue said...

The shoe story had me cracking up. I also wonder how many people noticed? Hmmmmm... what is the prescription for Mommy Brain - a day of pampering?!

Sue B from May 07 group

Doug and Terrye said...

That is so funny!!! Now I don't feel so alone....I realized I had my shirt on wrong-side-out, in the middle of the grocery store.

Terrye in FL