Sunday, August 19, 2007

First Day of Church for Meilynn

If you look close you can see Emma under the high chair (It is a Peg Perego I ordered from e-bay for the person who asked) Even though she can't keep her hands off of Meilynn she can't wait for her to finish eating so she can play!This was just a cute picture I snapped while we were video chatting with big sister Kami in Barcelona. This is the box our mail came in while we were in China. It was filled to the top.
First day of Church for Meilynn. I could not get a good picture of her. She woke up in a bad mood. She had a fever in the night from her shots and woke up with a dry diaper and then drank two glasses of water and a glass of juice. As the day progressed she was happier. I just couldn't get her to co-operate for the picture.
I love this one! These are dresses made by one of my April Pandas DTC 2005 group. Daddy found something very special for Meilynn's first day of church. Even though we could only get Emma to look at it. A praying mantis! (Is that how it is spelled?)Some of our best moments have happened at the sand table. It is the place where they play togetther the best. They are wearing their cute Sunday School underwear that my friend Debbie bought them.Princess Meilynn and Princess EmmaEmma finds that they have a leak. I caught them playing together with my sister Debbie looking on.
Here it looks like they are playing together, but they are actually head butting each other! Today we made it to Church! Emma went to her Sunday School class but we kept Meilynn in for big church because we did not feel that she was ready to be left in a class situation yet. She was good as long as I was feeding her. She ran out of puffs and raisins before the sermon even started. We were able to amuse her though until the end. Emma has never made it through big church. Meilynn wouldn't let go of her snack cup and raisin box even though there wasn't anything left. After Church we went to Sizzler with my parents because Mike and I were actually going to go on a date to the movies and my Mom and Dad were going to watch Miss Tippy Tail and Meilynn. They both fell asleep on the way out to my Mom and Dad's but did not stay asleep when we brought them in. We were able to leave without any tears! We saw the new Bourne movie which I loved. I love action movies like that but really any movie I would have loved. It was my first time away! The girls did fine. Grandma got to see first hand the fighting. We came home had left overs and Aunt Debbie came over to say Hi. We all went on a short walk and then Aunt Debbie helped me with baths. It was a very ordinary day!

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Sue said...

Not only would she not look for a photo, she actually looks mad!!! He he! It's quite a cute expression! Again, the dresses are just lovely. The girls are adorable and I'm glad you had a successful time at church and enjoyed a night with your DH.

Sue B
May 07 LID group