Sunday, August 12, 2007

A few pictures

Things have been very busy around here as you can imagine. We are getting adjusted to being a family. Emma is finding the sharing of her Mommy and Daddy and toys a hard thing to deal with. She was not a hitter before but now she cannot keep her hands off of Meilynn. Sometimes it is just to touch her and other times to hit and poke her. Meilynn has also learned that if she screams she can usually get Emma in a time out. So I need to keep my eyes on them all the time to make sure that things are fair. I also need to duplicate some toys because it is not fair that Emma has to share every toy that she has. The difference between when you bring a new baby into the house is that the baby has its own baby toys and the child that was already there has their own toys. So I can see how hard this is for Emma. I need to teach her sharing but also she has a right to the toys that are hers. Sleeping has also been difficult. Emma didn't sleep through the night before Meilynn came along. Emma goes down without a fight and doesn't sleep all night and Meilynn doesn't go down well but sleeps all night. So we are working on this too. There are good things happening too. The girls do play well at times and it is so cute to see them share and pretend together. They like to copy each other. As I am writing this I had to give Meilynn her first time out for hitting Emma. I think Emma took Meilynn getting a time-out harder than when she has one. She looked quite upset that I removed Meilynn from the room. I have to thank the advice I recieved from another Mom who adopted two, two year olds on the dressing them the same. The couple of times that I have put different jammies on them their is a big fight about it. So for the mean time I will be dressing them alike and it is also easier on me when deciding what to wear for the day. There is much to say but I still have not finished unpacking the suitcases and my house is a wreck but there is a family that is living here and learning to love each other. I can't wait to find out what nickname will appear for Miss Meilynn. The site will then have a new name! Miss Tippy Tails is demanding my attention now so here are a few pictures. Coloring, but not in the books! Having a sister is fun some of the time! Meilynn likes raisins! In fact there is not a lot that she doesn't like! It is fun having someone to eat with! And go Potty with! Yum! Toast, yummy! This is good!

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