Friday, August 17, 2007

Grandma and Stroller Ride

The Girls in the Car Grandma eating with an always hungry Meilynn getting as close to the food as she can. She is almost on Grandma's lap trying to get a bite! This is how it started out.Daddy and Daughters
Ready for the walk in our new Stroller Strides Bob Stroller Can we go now Mom! No more pictures!
Yesterday Emma went to spend part of the day at Grandma's House. We thought it would be good for her to have a day without hearing "No" from us constantly. She just cannot keep her hands off of Meilynn. She is so excited about her but when she is excited she is not gentle. And we thought it might be good for Mommy and Meilynn to have some alone time too. So Emma had a great day playing with Grandma and Mommy went to the bookstore with Meilynn and read, and read, and went shopping. When we went to pick Emma up Meilynn had to watch Grandma eat her dinner. Grandma was trying to hurry and eat her Jenny Craig before swimming class. Meilynn kept getting closer and closer trying to get a bite. Grandma gave her a bite of her Jenny Craig turkey and she loved it! Meilynn is still eating all the time. I think it won't be too long until we can get her on the charts. She weighs only 20 pounds at 2 years 2 months old. She eats like she is afraid there may not be more food tomorrow. I look forward to the day she can relax and feel comfortable knowing we are going to have food for her. The Dr. told us to let her graze all day. You would think with all the grazing that she would not be able to eat her regular meals but she has no problem eating all three meals along with all the snacking all day. Today we went to get her shots. She had six today. Poor baby! She has only been home one week and she has had two blood draws and then the shots today. I can't wait until we get her all caught up on shots and all testing is complete. So far her test results have all been negative. We are testing for lead, giardia,HIV etc.
Tonight we all went on a walk with our new Bob jogging stroller. Daddy made dinner as he has been all week! He has been awesome. This week he has made meatloaf, gouhlash, and pasta. He as also gone shopping twice! We actually had our beauties bathed and in bed asleep tonight by 9:00! It has only taken a week to get to this point. Emma is still waking at least once around 2:00. But we are no longer bringing her into our bed. She can come into our bed when it is light outside. It has been very hard for me to do this but it is long overdue. I can't believe we have already been home one week with Meilynn. Her skin is already 100% better. When we got her it was very dry and felt like sandpaper and her legs were covered with mosquito bites. Her skin is smoother and the bites are starting to fade although some may leave scars. Her skinny little legs already look like they are starting to fill out. I can't wait to see a little muscle tone in them.


Anonymous said...

How precious to see both girls in their car seats! I remember when you posted the empty ones. Praise the Lord!

Kim said...

Was Meilynn in Foster care or an orphanage? How does the process go to get an older child?

Lilly said...

Love the car seat shot. Much better to see them both occupied. :)

Sue said...

Your girls are simply adorable!!! Very happy to see that you are home and settled and that Meilynn is doing so great. And I hope that Emma is doing better w/ her sister...less hitting and more sharing. How cute are their matching outfits?!!!!

Sue B from the 5/07 LID group