Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Bubbles for Meilynn

Here they come Meilynn! You can close your eyes if you want. My eyes are closed. Wow! This is so much fun! Let me get that one on your head! We have been very busy getting all of Meilynn's blood work and tests done. They were drawing so much blood that we had to do it over two days. The first day was not too bad but the second day they could not find a vein and they had to poke both of her arms before they found it. It was so sad to see. We are also going to re-do all of her vaccinations. Things are getting better at night. We have been putting Meilynn down first since she takes a while to go to sleep and then I give Emma a bottle and let her lay on the couch until I know Meilynn is asleep. Then I rock Emma and sing her a song and say her prayers and put her to bed. She always goes down really well and without a problem. But...............I don't know what is happening tonight. I have the monitor right beside me right now and Meilynn has been talking in her crib for an hour. She is not crying just jabbering away. I have never had any child do this so I am not sure what to do about it. Now though I am worried about how tomorrow will go since she will most likely sleep in and Miss Tippy Tale is always up before 6:00. This morning Emma was up at 5:45 and I woke Meilynn at 8:00. Emma fell asleep on the way home from lunch, about 1:30 and I put Meilynn down at 2:00. Emma slept two hours and Mike woke Meilynn around 4:30. We put them to bed at 9:00 tonight. It is 10:40 and I can still hear her just talking away. I hope this does not become a trend! Tomorrow I am going to take Emma to Grandmas (I had planned on taking her early) so I could have some alone time with Meilynn but now with Meilynn still up who knows what time I will be able to get her up. She didn't have anything that should keep her up for dinner. She had meatloaf, fruit, water, rice with peas and carrots. No desserts of any kind. So I am confused. It does sound really cute though. I wonder if she is really saying something. I dropped by Gymboree today to see what options I might have for taking two, two year olds. In Gymboree your are required to be a hugs length from your child at all times so this does not work with two. My options are to find someone to go with me, to put the girls in seperate classes where one could be watched while I work with the other one, or wait until they are 3 and put them in another program where you don't have to have your Mommy participate. I really want to do the Gymboree program because developmentally it would be really great for Meilynn and for Emma she would continue with something she loves and is familiar with. So I will be working on how to work this one out. The same goes with swimming. You have to have a Mommy for each child. Meilynn is afraid right now of the pool so we can hold off on this one for awhile but Emma loves to swim so I hate to stop her. What I need is someone that I can hire to come with me to these classes, even though I want to be the one to do it with them. And the only way to do this would be to hire someone to watch the other one while I am with one. I know I am rambling but it helps me to think when I put it down on paper. Well it is getting near 11:00 and I can still hear Miss Meilynn! Time for my bath and to read my book!


Kim said...

uh-oh seeing photos of your girls is making me want to bring home a sister for Jaiden really bad, ok I've always wanted a sister for Jaiden, but now you are making me actually THINK about doing something to make it happen

Mel said...


I've so enjoyed following BOTH of your journeys! Just wanted to make a quick comment about the crib "conversations"!

Our Hope came home from Anqing in February of '04. Bless her heart, she slept through the night from day one...but only after talking and singing and jabbering for at least an hour. She did this at night AND at naptime. She is four now and no longer feels the need to entertain herself to get to sleep. From everything I've read, it's pretty typical...not just for China girls but for bio's too. It is simply part of their routine, it calms them down, and gets them ready for sleep. I don't want to scare you but one article I read said that one little boy jabbered at least two hours every night. ")

May God continue to bless you richly!

Karen said...

Hello! I love your site. Your girls are adorable! I would love to chat with you. I think we have a lot in common. Our girls are also born in 2005. They are 30 days apart in age. We also have two older children. I was kind of smiling today reading your post. We go to Gymboree every week too. Please visit our site. I would also love to hear from you. My email is .
Best wishes, Karen

The Katie Starr Team said...

Hi Vicki:

Welcome home to you and your beautiful girls. Katie Starr is a talker in her crib as well and has been doing it since she came home. Justin did it too when he was a little one. I have heard it is very common so I would not be concerned about it. I actually love listening to it :)