Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Gymboree for Meilynn

Meilynn not wanting to go into Gymboree!
Following Emma Bubbles for Emma Bubble stuck on Emma's nose
Meilynn starting to like Gymboree Especially the balls Emma getting ito it Emma in the tunnelA little shopping at Target after GymboreeThey were fun to play with it the store, and that is where they stayed! The beginnings of a fight

Maybe I will just pull this tippy tail

Today was our first day at Gymboree for Meilynn. I was struggling with how to take both girls and I just decided to let each week work itself out. Before we left everything was going smooth until Meilynn went potty on the potty chair so Miss Tippy Tail decided she wanted to go also. She still has no clue as to how to make it come out and it is so sad to see her say "Day"for Meilynn (which is how she says Yeah!) when she goes and then she looks in her potty and nothing is there! I needed to get the girls upstairs and dressed so we ran up without the diapers on and no sooner had I turned my back and Miss Tippy Tail finally went but not in the potty and not pee pee. So I had to do some major clean up and give baths when I had plannd on skipping those. So that put me a little behind. And then to top it all off Meilynn decides for the first time that she does not want me to fix her hair. Neither of these girls have hair that can just go without being fixed. So a little fight to show who was the boss and I actually one! Meghan was able to go with me this week.She cannot go next week and my best friend who said she could go with me will be in Hawaii next week, so for now I am looking for someone to come next week with us. At Gymboree you have to have an adult for each child. Meilynn was not too excited about going in but once we got in she seemed to enjoy it. She is really behind in her gross motor skills. At times she still walks like a baby. She is afraid to try anything without me holding her hand. Emma is the opposite. She has the body of a gymnast. She is all muscle. She is not afraid to try anything and she is very flexible. She can do the splits. I can only guess at what Meilynn did in China. Her fine motor skills are very highly developed, so I think she may have been sedentary most of the time. It won't be long before we catch her up! After Gymboree we went to Target to get diapers etc. We found these really loud toys that played rap songs which the girls loved. Emma held hers so tenderly and just couldn't let go. She was fascinated with it. I actually have both of the girls down for naps in their cribs! This is a first. Usually Emma sleeps in the crib and we have Meilynn sleep in our bed. But I put them down together and they only cried a minute and were out! That is why I have time to write this post! I am feeling guilty about Emma's 2nd birthday. It is August 28 and I have feel like I have not put enough thought into what we are going to do. I want it to be special for her and I don't want me being so busy to change what I would have done if we had not just come home from China.


Lilly said...

They sound like they are both doing so well! They are just too cute. :)

Leslie said...

I was cleaning out some papers tonight and found your website jotted down. I remember following your journey because we got our little girl Myah at the same time. Our Gotcha Day was June 6,2006. I am so excited to read your entries, how wonderful that you adopted again! Feel free to stop by our blog, I did baby jelly beans during the adoption but have just recently started blogging. Your girls are adorable! Leslie