Thursday, August 23, 2007

To The Race Track

Now I know why Daddy said put on your oldest playclothes! Waiting for Daddy
Riding together Hurry up, Meilynn! Make sure you have your sunglasses on! I am way too Cool! Daddy in all of his riding gear
Hey! We are ready! Meilynn on the riding toy Emma on the Quad
Having a snack Yum! Fish crackers, puffs, and this little yogurt drink they love Playing around Meilynn can use my riding toy
Today Daddy took us to the motorcycle race track to watch him ride his motorcycle. We got up had breakfast and then showers. This works like an assembly line. Mike takes Emma down and starts feeding her while I wake Meilynn up. I bring Meilynn down and she starts eating. We both clean up the kitchen and eat while the girls finish eating. Then Mike takes Emma up to the shower while I pick out the clothes, get the diapers, baby cream and hair things. I get Emma out of the shower and exchange her for Meilynn. I dress Emma while Meilynn gets showered and then I am ready with the the stuff to then get Meilynn diapered, creamed, dressed, and hair fixed. Mike helps Emma brush her teeth while I finish Meilynns hair and then he helps Meilynn while I pick up. Then I take my shower why Mike gets the snacks together and then I get the diaper bag ready while Mike starts getting the girls in the car. Now with both of us we can be done with everything in a little over an hour (if I only take a shower and do not need to wash and dry my hair) If I need to do this then I need to get up before everyone else. When Mike is not here to help me I have a much harder time getting out of the house.
Mike took us to a track in Riverside that he has started going to. He is going to be gone in October for a week on a motorcycle ride in Mexico so he is trying to stay in shape for that. We had a fun time watching him. We also found some horses and went to take a look at them. Emma is afraid of Mike with his helmet on. So we were worried if Meilynn would also be afraid. She didn't act like anything was different at all! The girls played on the riding toys but we will need to get another Dora Quad. There was a little fight over that. We went to lunch and then brought the girls home for naps. I need to go pick up the house, it is a disaster!


Lynn said...

Oh my gosh those pictures are so cute!! I gotta tell you the first thing I noticed is that they weren't dressed alike! :) Still beautiful anyway! I especially liked the one where they are getting their sunglasses ready.

Carrie said...

Oh, the girls are so cute Vicki! But, where are the matching outfits??!!