Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tracking our LOA

Jun 30, 2007 3:16 PM Delivery exception BEIJING CN Holiday - Business closed
3:15 PM At local FedEx facility BEIJING CN
9:37 AM At local FedEx facility BEIJING CN
Jun 29, 2007 6:48 PM Int'l shipment release BEIJING CN
Jun 28, 2007 10:31 AM Departed FedEx location ANCHORAGE, AK
7:16 AM Arrived at FedEx location ANCHORAGE, AK
2:49 AM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Jun 27, 2007 11:41 PM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
6:31 PM Left origin LAS VEGAS, NV
8:38 AM Picked up LAS VEGAS, NV
As you can see our LOA is stuck, well not really! The CCAA is closed because it is the weekend. So hopefully we will see the final movement late tomorrow since China is ahead of us. Then I can breath a sigh of relief!
The LOA Story
On Friday I got an e-mail from Lin Jing at my agency asking me if when my LOA came in did I want to personally send it to the CCAA so that we could by pass the step of me sending it back to them and then my agency sending it to the CCAA in China. OF COURSE!!! Anything to bring Meilynn home faster. When I wrote back to her I told her we were going to be out of town until Thusday. She wrote me back asking for the address of where we would be just in case the LOA came in. Well we were going to be out in a houseboat in the middle of Lake Mead! I did call the Hotel at the Marina and got a mailing address. The address sounded a little strange and I was worried whether Fed Ex even delivered there. The assured me that they get fed ex. So I sent that off to Lin Jing. I really didn't think we would hear anything until the first week in July at the earliest! So off we went on our trip. I had my phone sitting out in the houseboat and in our boat we had Mike's phone. Just before noon my phone rang but I was playing in the water and couldn't get to it before it quit ringing, but there was a voice mail and it was Lin Jing! And our LOA had come in And she was sending it to the address I gave her. The whole family was so excited! I missed that I couldn't share the news right away with everyone in my Yahoo groups but I was really happy that it had come! This means that we have final approval and we respond back that YES! we want Meilynn as our daughter! That night we went up to the Marina Hotel and I told them I was expecting a very, very, important fed ex and to call us as soon as it arrived. I was hoping to get it before 10:00 and then drive into Las Vegas to send it off before 5:00. The next morning I stopped in again to remind them just in case there was a shift change and they didn't get the message. At 12:00 I was starting to get worried that it didn't make it to the address. We called the marina but they had recieved no shipments yet. The guy at the Hotel said they come by 11:00 so I was very upset, but when Mike called they said they usually get them by 4:00. I knew now it was too late to send it that day but I didn't care I just wanted to know that it got there. At 4:00 they called to say it had arrived! YES!!
I got up early WED. to drive it to Las Vegas, but the directions the guy at the Hotel did not get me there. I remembered when we drove into Henderson that a saw a Fed Ex Kinkos so I decided to drive there, another 45 minutes. I had already used an hour driving to the first one. I found it but I was really worried to leave it there becuase they were in the middle of a move. But as you can see it did get on its way and I cannot wait until I see delivered on the fed ex tracking! Now the rush begins to get everything done, but I couldn't be happier! Meilynn you don't know it yet but you have a family that cannot wait to hold you in their arms.

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Kim said...

Congratulations!!! I lost your blog address and it's been a year since I've visited your site so there is much to catch up on. Emma has grown so much! WOW she is so beautiful! Your journey is special to me because I had hoped for a twin too but that was not God's plan. I would love to adopt again.