Friday, June 22, 2007

Visa Crisis PART TWO

Well, I tried again! At least I got a picture this time! Do you think they will accept ths photo for her Visa photo? She woke up in a good mood and her big sister Mei, Mei (Meghan) came by so I thought maybe it would go better with Mei Mei. We decided to go to another place. First we went to the post office but they are only taking appointments and the passport office was not even open. So we ran across the street to Wal Mart because I thought I remembered that they do passport type photos. We went in and I thought this might work. Emma is familiar with Wal Mart and maybe she wouldn't have the same problem. We went up to the counter and I asked for the passport photo. Emma knew something was up because I could feel the clinging beginning. I told the photographer we had tried yesterday but had not even got a picture. So I told her to shoot it no matter what. As soon as I tried to stand her in front of the screen she lost it. So I am not sure if it is the camera or the lady. I take photos all the time. Granted this camera looks different but whatever it is she acts like she is getting a shot! When I look back at her referral photo's she is not happy in those either.
I don't know what it is, but you would think we were killing her. I had Meghan go into the McDonalds and buy her a juice. The photographer gave her a balloon and some stuffed toys and left us alone to regroup. (Now I am thinking Emma is smart and if everytime she acts like this she gets juice (which is a real treat for her), balloons, and stuffed animals are we rewarding this behavior? Then I think NO! I need this picture no matter what it takes! So she starts to calm down a little. I am holding her and she is calming down. So we get this brilliant idea to cover me in a white blanket (I am now demoted to the background) and hold her at the same time. Meghan throws the blanket over my head and they start making motorcycle noises! Luckily I cannot see the passerbys. I am covered in blanket! They snap a picture and we hope that it is the one!
Notice the blanket? That is me! And you can see a hole in it. We are not sure whether the Chinese Consulate will accept this because she is looking away. So we plan to send both and hope that they will take one! Whew!


Anonymous said...

my favorite part of this picture is the spit flying off of her sad! :(

Anonymous said...

my favorite part of that picture is the spit flying off the end of her chin...poor sad :(


Chelley said...

aww man I just feel so bad for you!!

I hope they take one......

sending lots of hugz

Jeanne said...

"I am now demoted to the background."

That just sums up motherhood on some days, doesn't it?

I laughed so hard reading your post! I hope you get the visa with no more problems, screaming or crying on anyone's part!

Steph said...

I must say the drool down her chin is quite a touch! Talk about an action shot! I love it. LOL when i saw this! Best of luck! Love Steph

Starla said...

Your posts brightened up my day! Hope that all goes well, and that you get the visa--with one of those precious pics!

We're about a month behind you....