Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lets talk shoes!

I don't remember shoes being such a problem with Kami and Meghan when they were little. Maybe buying so many shoes in China has turned Miss Tippy Tail into a person obsessed with shoes? I just had to put this shoe picture in since I am talking about shoes. It was in China and it was Emma's first pair of Squeaky Shoes. As you can see from above it was not her last! Miss Tippy Tail (Emma) is always taking her shoes off in the car. I don't care how far we are going her shoes are off and her tippy tails are out before we get to where we are going. Then when we get there I spend a few minutes putting them back on and fixing her hair back. Emma has heard me say awwwww! so much when she takes them off, that when I hear her say awwww! in the back seat I know she has taken them off again. Then the opposite is true at home! She insists on putting them on and if there is more than one pair laying around she has to put those on. The problem with this is half the time I have to help her. If they are sandals she can do it by herself. I feel like my day is spent putting on and taking off shoes. Really if someone were to time it it would be a big part of my day wasted. I would much rather sit down and read a book with her than to play this shoe game! These are some really cute shoes that Meghan bought her in England! Well the purpose of this little rant is that yesterday we went to the grocery store. Miss Tippy Tail was happy to see that she got the grocery cart shaped like a car so she could drive throughout the store. I was really making progress and almost done when I looked in the cart and noticed her shoes were missing. Of course I make a big deal and say "Where are your shoes? Of course there was no reply to this question, as usual. So I began my search of the store. She happened to be wearing white sandals and the floor is white, so up and down every isle I went in search of the squeaky shoes. I got to the end and no shoes. A few people heard me asking her about her shoes and so they kept stopping me to see if I had found them. Finally a lady overheard me talking about the shoes and said, Oh are these the shoes you are looking for? Duh, yes! I thanked her so much but deep inside I was wondering if she was really going to keep them because I had passed her a couple of times and I was the only person in the store with a kid and she never said a thing. Well anyways we had them so back on her feet they went. Now here is the irony. Mike decides since he is leaving tomorrow for a few days he will take us out to Cold Stone. Yipee! I decided to bath Miss Tippy Tail and put on her jammies so the rest of the night would be a breeze. We put on her Dora jammies and her squeaky sandals, the ones from the earlier store trip. By the time we get to Cold Stone,(you know it) the shoes are off! And not only off but the strap has come off. So now we are at Cold Stone with a daughter who wants to run around barefoot! The irony is that I spent so much time searching for them that day and look what happened! I guess you know what I will be buying on our next trip to China?

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