Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 12, 13, 14, and 15 of our 100 Day Pledge

We made it through Day 15!
We were away for the week-end.  Each year we plan a big party out at the desert with a different theme.  This year it was a Luau.
My daughter Meghan, Son-in-law Nick and my granddaughter, Natalie were able to come. (Sorry Nick, I didn't get you in any pictures for some reason, maybe because you were always helping behind the scenes? I will try to do better.)

Our motor home decorated for the party.
Natalie had a skirt made from the skirt going around the awning of the motor home.
A friend of ours brought a Hawaiian shaved ice machine for the kids.  We just had the ice and then poured real fruit juice on top.  The  girls were happy with that.

Trying to get a picture of the Aunts with their Niece.

Dinner on the first night camping.  I made meatballs at home before we went and then we had pasta, salad, and fruit.  The kids in the picture brought their own food over, but they wanted what our kids were eating.

Mike left Friday morning since we were the ones in charge of the Luau and it was scheduled before we knew about Lily's recognition. She got special surprise  recognition at school so the girls and I left after school.  We are so proud of how hard she has been working.
 Meghan and Natalie

 Debbie's boyfriend Tom helping with the cooking.
 My sister Debbie.  She found these aprons for us to wear.  She had to modify them a little since some of the parts were not falling where they should have been.

Someone else showed up at the Luau dressed like us.  Everyone else had chicken in teriyaki and burgers.  We made our own marinade with orange juice, pineapple juice, and a little honey.  The rest of the Luau was potluck.  I took the girls plates in our motorhome and loaded them with fruit and veggies, guacamole dip, crackers and banana bread for desert.  They ate it all up.  They are getting used to eating our own foods.

The party is not all about the food though!  There is motorcycle riding. (Emma)
There is down time to do nothing at all.(Meilynn)

There is riding on "Old Red" with Daddy. (Jilliana)
There are rides with Daddy and his girls. (Emma on the first motorcycle, Lily on the second, Jilliana on the quad and Meilynn on the last quad.)

But the highlight is the geo cache treasure hunt.  Mike goes out the week before and gets the quadrants for the hunt.  He then goes early and hides the "boxes" with raffle tickets in them.  They are all over the desert.  Then everyone has a drivers meeting to go over the rules and off to the hunt.  This year it was not a race.  The more boxes you found the more raffle tickets you got.  We buy gifts for the raffle and then the ticket numbers are called and you get to pick off of the raffle table.

 Driver's Meeting
Mike explaining the rules.
Emma stayed behind to ride her motorcycle, and I babysat Natalie so that Nick and Meghan could go.

 Meilynn, Jilliana, and Lily ready to find the treasure.  This year they made a mandatory helmet rule.  This is the last time we will be able to get three in the back seat.  It is too hard with the helmets.
Meghan driving and Nick reading the gps.  Three of our girls in the back.
Daddy helping Emma get her gear on.
Emma and Natalie watching a movie while everyone was out on the hunt.
I found a little bit of hair for a bow!

It was a really great weekend.  Especially spending time with Natalie.  We are all going to Italy and Barcelona this summer so it was a great practice for Natalie being away from home.

Tonight I made the chicken nuggets recipe form the site.  I also made the sweet potato casserole.  Emma said it tasted like sugar cookie dough.  I have really noticed how their perception of sweetness has changed.  Without having sugar, things that are just a little sweet are really noticed.  We also had peas, corn, cantaloupe, and homemade maple pecan ice cream.  Here again is a flavor my girls probably would not have tried before this.  They loved it and it took 20 minutes! Only  about 3 of that was preparation.

I am enjoying them embracing this pledge and watching them try new things.  I think they notice color of foods and are identifying  spices that I am using.

Jillliana helping clean after dinner.
Drying dishes can be fun!
And I love this little minute.  After dinner I had to take Emma to voice lessons.  As I was leaving Meilynn was helping Lily study for a science test without me even suggesting that.

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