Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 18

 Day 18!  We are setteling in to our new routine.  When I first read about the 100 day pledge I was skeptical that we could do it.  We love eating out!  I love diet coke.  I like all the "cute" foods for kids like fishy crackers and little shaped crackers.  We have a very busy schedule with four kids in activities that sometimes occur very close to dinner time.  It was easier to just grab something quick.

My husband says he has enjoyed our dinners more in the last 18 days than he has our entire 33 years of marriage!  Our kids are excited to see what we are going to have every night.  I hear lots of "Yum", this  is so good.

Our upcoming challenges I think will be Easter and a weekend trip to San Diego with the YPO group we belong to.  The gymnastics that Emma goes to has what they call "open gym" on some weekends.  They actually watch your kids for a few hours and give them dinner (pizza) and lots of fun.  I have been avoiding it because of our 100 Day Pledge and because we actually have just not been around.
Yesterday Emma told me,

"Mom, they are having Open Gym this Saturday, we can take our own dinner."

She is just so sweet in her commitment to our pledge.  Tonight I am going to ask the girls what they miss the most and what is new that they have enjoyed the most.  I will get back to you on that answer.

I have been thinking ahead to Easter and for our Easter Egg hunt, I am thinking of putting raffle tickets in the eggs and then having a few little gifts that we can raffle off.  I am sure if we leave a note to the Easter Bunny he can also leave us some alternative treats.

One interesting thing is people thinking we are on a "diet".  The kind of diet to loose weight.  I don't blame them for thinking this since I have been on every know diet to man :).  But let me reassure you our kids are not on diets.  Mike did lose 4 pounds initially, but I haven't had the same result.  I have made sure that the girls know that they can have as much fruit as they want and it is available to them at all times except one hour before a meal.  My part is to make sure that there is a great variety available at all times.  The girls come home from school and have a snack that is usually a protein and a carbohydrate.  Then they will often have two more fruits or vegetables before dinner.  They are eating whole yogurts and whole milks and they are having treats also.
 Jilliana at lunch the other day.
 She was eating left over pasta from one night and left over chicken nuggets from another, peas and corn, apples, and the sweet potatoes that taste like "cookie dough".  I just put a touch of vanilla and maple syrup in them.

Last night I made pizza.  It is whole wheat with pasta sauce cheese tomatoes, basil, and some sweet peppers that had to be eaten that night.

 This one was cheese.  My family gobbled them up.  I think because they are made with whole wheat they were more filling and the girls only ate two pieces where they will sometimes eat 3 or 4.  I only had one piece and I can't wait to have the left overs today!
 Grandma was helping out.  I was getting such a pile of recipes that I needed them in a binder.  Jilliana was helping her paste them in.
 I am so excited.  I got these fun things from Amazon for the girls lunches.  I told you I loved all the cutsie things.  Mike thinks I am the gadget queen.  (No infomercials for me, I would go crazy)
 Aren't these cute?  You squish a hard boiled egg and it comes out in this shape.
 More bread
 Here it is!  A bunny egg!

 Emma enjoying her pizza before going to choir.
Jilliana is finally old enough for Church Choir.  I had to make a quick dinner between tennis and choir.
 Lily's lunch- Tomatoes, carrots hummus, grapes, mandarine orange, ak-mak crackers, granola, egg.
Emma and Meilynn's lunch- same thing except Emma is having left over chicken nuggets on brown rice and Meilynn has a almond butter and fruit spread sandwich.  Oh, and they have water that fits in the center compartment.


MHunter said...

I love these little bento lunch boxes! Where did you get them?

Vicki said...

MHunter, I ordered them from Zulily. I am away from home. When I get back I will look up the name. I forgot who they are by. We got them in the summer and the girls have used they every day. They have worked out great for us.