Wednesday, February 06, 2013

DAY 3 Real Food

 Before I tell you about how our Day 3 went I wanted to share Jilliana and Clifford.  Especially since I have been so terrible at updating!  So I will try to tag on a little each day of what I didn't get to before.  There are just too  many things I missed telling.

Jilliana got to bring Clifford home last week to spend the day.  It just happened to be our busy Tuesday, so he got to do quite a bit.
 Jilliana and Clifford at Trader Joe.  Mommy was scoping out what they had for our new 100 day pledge.
 Jilliana and Clifford helping Mommy make the granola for the first time.
 Clifford and Jilliana at swimming lessons.  Clifford wanted to show off his dog paddling skills.
 Clifford wearing Jilliana's tutu while she was in her ballet lesson.
 Jilliana and Clifford at ballet.
 Jilliana and Clifford helping with the laundry before school.
 Time for a quick ride with Clifford.
 Jilliana eating lunch pre- 100 day pledge.
Jilliana on her bed with her favorite things.  Big Monkey, her special Jilliana doll that Mommy brought to China when she adopted her.  It has a special Bible verse on it, and Rupunzel.  Clifford had a great day at our house, but whew, he was tired after a day at our house.

Things went well today.  I am already feeling that this is something we can manage.  Yesterday I was overwhelmed with all of the planning and preparing.  A lot of the recipes I get from the 100 day pledge are geared for a smaller family, so there are a lot of leftovers.  Not so many here, so I need to make double if I want to spend less time in the kitchen.

Here is my mess this morning after making breakfast and lunches.

I made three lunches for the big girls and a snack for Jilliana to take to pre-school.  We had scrambled eggs, whole wheat bread, orange juice and bananas for breakfast.  The girls are loving the homemade whole wheat bread.  In fact we were almost out of the two big loaves that I had made on Saturday.  I started more bread after breakfast and my wonderful husband finished making it while I took Jilliana to school.
Jilliana's little snack.  I have to tell you that my girls would have never eaten these if I had not made them close their eyes to taste them the first time I made them.  The green from the zucchini would have made them run the other way.  They are discovering that you should not try something just because it does not look the way you think it should.  They all four love, love, love, these.

This is what the big girls had.  Pita pizza's, cashews, popcorn, zucchini muffins, strawberries and water.
They came home saying that their lunch was so good.  They did have a few kids comment on the green zucchini but that did not stop them from eating it:).

And this was Jilliana's lunch when she got home,  Whole wheat bread with almond butter, banana chips, cheese, and organic green apples.  Oh, I had the same!

So the challenges today were that I was really wanting a diet coke.  I miss having it to sip on all day.  I miss going through the drive-thru.  I knew my habit was bad when there are three places in my city that  knew my order and me.  They were even starting to give me discounts for coming in so often.

Mike's challenge was that he ate breakfast out with a friend.  He ordered a vegetable omelet with fruit.  He put the salsa on it without finding out what they put in their salsa, so he may or may not have had a slip up.

Emma got a jolly rancher for getting something right and almost ate it, but thank goodness Meilynn was there to remind her.  I think that Emma would have been upset if she had it.  She has taken this so serious.

Lily's table also received a treat award, but her teacher gave her a sticker.

So we made it through day three, oh I almost forgot.  I made the most amazing Chicken noodle soup following the recipe from the 100 days of real food site.  My family loved it!  Mike kept saying that the soup was as good as he remembered his grandmother's being.  It was made with the chicken stock from the chicken we had in the crockpot on Monday.  We will definitely be having that again.  And it was really easy.  I was able to make it probably in less than 30 minutes.  We are off to a good start.  Our plates have never looked more colorful.

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