Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 8 and 9 of our 100 Days of Real Food

Things are going well!  It is difficult to explain to people what we can have.  Even though I sent a note to the teachers with the exact rules their are still questions.   With Valentine Day parties in all of the girls classes I am doing my best to come up with alternatives.

Jilliana's class is making a friendship salad.  Everyone will bring in fruit and then they will mix it together with whipped cream.  Today I made an alternative whipped cream for Jilliana to take in for her salad.  It was really just as good as our normal Christmas and Thanksgiving whipped cream.  It was really easy to tweak the recipe.  I used the heavy whipping cream (no non -fat or low- fat on our eating plan since that would be processed, so this works great).  As I was beating it with the mixer I added a little vanilla and honey when it started getting stiff.

It's good Mommy!

I love it!

Can I have more?

As you can see she loves it.  So I will make some in the morning for her to take to her Valentines Day Party.  Jilliana's is tomorrow since she does not go to school on Wednesdays.

Emma and Meilynn are making ice cream sundaes in their class, so tomorrow I will attempt the ice cream recipe I found on the 100 Days of Real Food site.  The girls want strawberry.

Lily's class is having go-gurts, strawberries, and a cookie.  I might just bring her the ice cream too.  The girls are ready.  I am really surprised that I have not heard any complaints yet.  I think it is harder for Jilliana since at her school everyone gets the same snack that the parents bring in.  She is the only one getting a "special" snack.  Lily, Emma, and Meilynn all eat lunch together so they have each other for support.  I am so proud of my little girls agreeing to take this on.  It has been 9 days and they have already learned so much.

Emma's prayer was so sweet tonight.  She thanked Jesus for learning about processed foods and she thanked God for giving us such good real foods.

Yesterday Meilynn looked in our refrigerator and commented on how colorful it was.  She even said, "Mommy their is a rainbow in our refrigerator."  I have moved all fruits and vegetables where we can see them so that we use them.

Yesterday I made the slow cooker chicken again, but it didn't get done in time before we had to go to our activities so we had waffles and eggs instead.  I made the chicken stock in the slow cooker all night and then I strained it this morning and put it in containers for the freezer and refrigerator.

Mike tried to help out last night and made a double batch of our homemade bread.  He forgot the salt so we had 4 loaves that came out pretty much like bricks.  I did make the girls french toast on them this morning, but as much as we don't like it, we are going to have to throw them out.  The taste is off too.

I found a clearance on organic apple juice that fits our rules at Target.  I bought 4 bottles yesterday.  When I was bringing them in one rolled off the counter and broke.  What a mess!  It was just one of those days.

 Jilliana's lunch today
 Triscuits with hummus, a biscuit from the other day with organic real fruit spread and almond butter, carrots, kiwi, and a date.
My lunch today.  I had a bacon, avocado, tomato sandwich, organic berries, carrots and hummus.

Today was a tough day because it is one of our busiest.  I took Jilliana to swimming lessons at 1:00.  She finishes at 1:30 and then she showers.  We go straight from there to pick up Emma and Meilynn at school at 2:05. (Lily stays for a writing class on Tuesday) Then we run home and I put together a picnic dinner since we have about 20 minutes to eat between activities tonight and I can't think of any place we can eat out.  I also fix two ballerina buns and one gymnast pony tail.  Make sure everyone has their homework and waters, etc. and get everyone in the car.  Pick up Lily at 3:00 and then drive down to Gymnastics which starts at 3:00 for Emma.  My sister met us at 4:30 so I could get Jilliana and Meilynn started eating at the park.  She brings Lily and Emma after Emma's lesson is over at 4:45.  We eat our dinner picnic and I take Meilynn and Jilliana to ballet and she takes Emma and Lily home to our house. At 6:45 I am home and baths start.  Mike walks in around 7.  Whewww! I am exhausted!

Our dinner picnic!  We had burritos made with the chicken from the slow cooker, rice, pinto beans, and cheese.  We had some crisp green apples and brown rice.  And for dessert our pop tarts which taste just like pie.  Day 9 done!

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