Thursday, February 07, 2013

Day 4 of 100 days of Real Food

A little update from pictures that I did not post before and then I will tell you about our day 4.

 My precious girls at Christmas...Lily 9, Emma 7, Jilliana 5, and Meilynn 7

 My wonderful son-in-law Nick and my first granddaughter, Natalie and my beautiful second born, Meghan.
The Aunts with their niece.

 Meilynn got a little sewing machine for Christmas.  She was so excited to make her own pillow case.
Here is the finished product.  I think she did a great job.
Then everyone decide to make something.  Jilliana used her stapler to make a sleeping bag for her doll.

This summer we are going to Italy!  And then we will go to Barcelona to see where Kami lives.  Emma is going to make a book of her trip.  she already has the first page.

And these pictures below are for Kami.  Both Emma and Meilynn got dresses from Spain for Christmas.  Here they are Kami!

 At Christmas instead of giving candy in our Advent Calendar, I put a note of something special to do with Mommy.  It is something that does not cost anything or at least not very much.  It is usually spending alone time with me doing something since it is sometimes hard to spend one on one time with each girl.  Here is Jilliana having a tea party with me.  She loves tea and I love having tea with her.

So Day 4!  How did we do?  Here is Jilliana this morning whipping up some juice to make juice pops.
Later we went shopping
 I love the colors!  It is going to take a lot of fruit for this gang.  It is not always easy to find organic.  We went to cost-co too.  We were able to find organic whole chickens, organic chicken breasts, organic brown rice, and a really good deal on virgin unrefined coconut oil, which I am using a lot!

Mike on board with the 100 day pledge.  that is some leftover soup from last night.
Jilliana's lunch, Chicken soup, cantaloupe, zucchini bread, an ak-mak cracker and cheese.

Everyone did great today.  I am still craving diet coke.  Today Meilynn said that the orange she was eating was so good and sweet.  I told her that it probably wasn't any different from before, but that now that she was not filling her body with sugar that is put into almost all of our foods,  her tastebuds were changing and the sugar in the orange seemed really sweet since she has not had any other sugar.

For now everyone is feeling good about our last 4 days.  We will see how it goes.
I made more granola today.  We had spaghetti with meatballs and salad tonight.
Tomorrow we will have some more challenges.  Meilynn and I will be in San Francisco for the day.  I have looked up an organic restaurant.  I hope that we can find it and that it works out for us.  I have packed a lot of snacks to take with us.
Good Night!

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