Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Pictures of Jilliana!!!!!!!!

 Yes, there are new pictures of Jilliana and if you want to skip everything else you can just scroll down to the bottom and see our precious little cake eating girl.  Here is the final Fed Ex delivery announcement.  Our dossier made it to Guangzhou at 11:11 am on September 27.

 I thought I would put up a map to show you where our daughters adopted from China are from.  The funny thing is that they are all from different provinces, but they each border the province of each other.  Now if I knew how to put those cute little markers on here pointing them out I would.  So you will have to find the province.  If you look down in the south the "yellow" province Guangdong, that is where Lily is from. Then go North, the "blue" province, Hunan, is where Meilynn is from.  Go north-east, the "pink" province, Chongqing is where Emma is from, and then go North, the "blue" province Shaanxi, that is where Jilliana is from.  Looks like we are making a line right through the middle of China.

 Next, I just had to share this picture of Emma.  You can find her in the strangest places.  We do have a rule of no, walking or climbing on the furniture.  I guess we may have to add no laying on it either?  She cracks me up.  Maybe she is reliving the days when she slept in a crib with no mattress.
 Lily got mail!!!!  What is one of the most exciting things that can happen when you are seven?  Getting mail! And even better yet, from your swi sister Lyla.  Lyla sent Lily a photo book of the time they were together in Arkansas.  Lily was so happy to get it!  There was quite a bit of jealousy from the other sisters.  Lily immediately took it up to her room and put it under her bed where she keeps special things in a box.  Thank you Lyla!
 So excited!
 No these are not the updated pictures.  But one mom sent me these pictures.  Jilliana is the one in the back with the pink and purple on.  I could tell by her cute little ears.
 And why may you ask am I showing the care package again?  Because she is wearing the cute little hair things that Angela from sent Jilliana for me.  And here she is!!!!!!!!!!!

 Don't you just love the cakes they have in China?  She is wearing the hair things that we sent.  I think she has a little of a shocked look on her face.
 I was happy to see that their cribs have mattresses and blankets.  I do know someone that is in China adopting right now from Hope Haven and their daughter had scabies, so I better get that Eliminate cream.  I have never had to use it yet.  Look at the little ones in the background waiting for their cake.
 That is a pretty big piece of cake.  And look, she has those strawberry pants on again.  It looks like there are bowls of food on that cabinet, covered with the towel.
Eating cake is serious business!  I love the little socks and shoes.  She is starting to not look like a toddler any more and more like a pre-schooler.


Anonymous said...

She is just precious! I am so happy for her and for your family! I can't wait till she is home!

Bailey said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a cutie pie. I can totally see why you are so excited. Congrats on the great new package today.

Anita said...

Awww Vicki - Jilliana is just the cutest little sweetheart!!!! What a blessing to have more pictures of her. I know you just can't wait to get her home and YAHOO that your dossier has been delivered too!!

groovy mama said...

She is so precious, and i am sure you can not wait to get your hands on her! Lucky you are to have such great pics!


Anonymous said...

CAKE!!!!!! Those are so cute I can't wait to see her little face in person!!!! We are praying for her everyday!!!
Friend Julie

Jill said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! Love the pics!

Jami said...

So sweet. I think they may have smeared the cake on her face...she doesn't look like a messy eater to me. The little girl in the background of the first cake picture is on Lifeline's special focus list, I think.
She is 2 and has albinism.
I love looking at the pictures with a detective eye trying to get a glimpse of their lives. I see that one toy on the shelf untouched. And all the kids in the first pic have on bibs? Is that the lunch line-up I wonder? I'm gonna rescue one of those babes one day, Lord willing.
Jilliana is precious!