Thursday, September 16, 2010

A new little piece to Jilliana's story

The blogging, yahoo group, forums, internet, are amazing.  The other day I got an e-mail from someone telling me they had a little piece of Jilliana's story to share with us.  A friend of hers told her that she had seen the picture I put on of Jilliana's with the Year of the Ox horns.

  She knew that her friend had tried to adopt Jilliana after she was placed back on the shared list after the disruption.  The family had seen Jilliana on the shared list and tried to get a waiver to adopt her.  They did not know of the disruption or the hearing loss but they still would have adopted her if it had been possible.  They were denied the waiver and were crushed.  They are now in the process of adopting another beautiful girl from China.

Here is the amazing part.  If we had seen Jilliana's file back in May we would not have been able to adopt her.  With our agency you need to be home 6 months and that date for us was in August.  We were sent Jilliana's file August 3rd.  Also, we were not even thinking at that point of adopting any more.  Everything about this adoption has pointed to God and his plan and our willingness (at times) to listen.  So when this family could not adopt her the file went back on the shared list.  I now know of two other families that also looked at her file before we were sent her file by Amy (The Advocate) but God chose us to be her family.  Now that pieces are starting to be filled in I will need to go back and rewrite the story that I posted before.  I think that someday Jilliana will want to know about how many people wanted her and cared for her before she was even here.

Yesterday I got 4 new pictures of Jilliana.  I am truly blessed to have them and they are what keep me going at moving along as fast as possible.  Yesterday our papers were certified in Sacramento and today they are reaching my courier who will take them to the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles.  (I did all of this myself on Emma's adoption and on Meilynn's the agency did it all, but now with my time limited I have had to hire couriers.)  We should get them back by next Friday.  At the same time my 1800 a supplement 3 has reached the lock box in Texas and hopefully I will have a receipt letter in a week and then we will be awaiting fingerprint appointments.

I believe this is the bear they reference in the update that I posted about a few days ago.  Looks like we will need to find a cute little Winnie the Pooh. I love how she is holding it so lovingly. Look at all of those toys.  And isn't her hair so cute?  

This is the one I posted last night, but didn't have time to write about.  She looks like a happy and healthy little thing.  I have three more, but I will post later.  I have to go pick up the girls!


Kristi said...

Only God...

Mike and Barb said...

She is so sweet!

K said...

I've just found out that I can do a concurrent China adoption of a waiting child while I keep my nsn adoption going in China, even though I'm single.

I am open an older child and many special needs. What egroups, forums, boards, etc... do you recommend?

Thank you!

Vicki said...

K ,
I highly recommend this group. I hope this works, I don't know how to link from my blog, but I will try to figure it out.

prechrswife said...

What an amazing story!

Dawn said...

She is just precious! Congratulations!!!!!! I have been following your blog for awhile, but I think this is the first time I have commented! Just wanted to introduce myself and say Congratulations!


Eileen said...

Oh, she is so adorable!!! I wonder if we'll be in China together? Maybe WA Vicki too!

I'm hoping to get our fingerprinting letters in the mail tomorrow and then we'll walk in on Monday (my husband's day off) and then when I get the approval I'll drive it to Olympia and then overnight it to a courier in San Francisco and I'm hoping to be DTC by October 8th. Our deadline for log-in was October 23rd, so it will be down to the wire!

Cindy said...

Cute pictures, what a beautiful smile, she looks so sweet!
We are in CA, you are too? where?
We have four daughters from China also.