Monday, September 06, 2010

Birthday, Scrapbook, Good Witch, Soccer, Snakes, Stitches, Devil? and Jilliana

If you missed our "Red Thread Story to Jillianan" make sure that you go to the post before this one.

The second part of Emma's 5th birthday was a party at Jump Zone with all of her new Kindergarten friends.  For those of you who know me, I usually do a themed birthday party at home with all the games, crafts, cake etc.  I did do the cake for our family birthday party but Emma really wanted a party at the Jump Zone and it was the easiest party I have ever done!  They did everything. They kept things moving and they did the clean up.  I needed something easy because Mike was out of town, that is why we had the family birthday party early.  It was a big week with the first week of kindergarten and homeschooling Lily with Mike gone for a week.

Daddy called during the Party to see how it was going.

Meilynn finally was not afraid to go down any of the slides.  In the past she has only gone in the jumpers.  This time she did it all and had a great time!
Of course Lily is not afraid of anything.  She will try anything!
I just love Meilynn's smile!

Everyone had such fun.
Emma sat on the throne.

Zoe like the frosting best!

And the inflatable Ni Hao Kailan Doll

Emma was so happy to finally have her birthday.  She does not like having the last kid birthday in the family.   She is so excited that when we get Jilliana her birthday will now be the last kid birthday in our family.
In our homeschooling class for Lily she is working on a scrapbook.  This is her very first page.  It was when we flew to Arkansas to see Lily's friend Lyla.  The other girls were so excited to see her book that now they are all working on scrapbooks.

Lily with her book

Emma and Meilynn working on theirs

Lily doing another page,  I don't know if you can see it here but she has a band aid on her chin, more on that later.

This is Lily opening up the costume that we ordered for her for her first Halloween. She really wanted to be the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.  Right now the top movies playing at our house are:
 1. The Sound of Music
 2.  Annie
 3. Charile and the Chocolate Factory
 4. The Wizard of Oz
The crown is a little big, but we can fix that.  There was a time when I made every Halloween Costume. Now that time is spent playing games, coloring, baking, playing dolls.  I don't think they will miss the homemade costumes.
Soccer practice has started.  Lily and Emma are playing soccer this year.  Meilynn decided not to.  This is Emma getting her uniform.  She is the smallest so her number is #2.

Such a happy little thing
All lined up to get their uniforms

Yesterday the girls went swimming with Daddy and Emma started shouting, "Snake, Snake!"  This little thing was swimming with them.

Miss Lily Lollipop got her first stitches when she was swimming in my sisters boyfriends pool.  We don't really know what she did.  I was watching her the whole time and she came over by me and I noticed her chin looked red.  Then when she got out I saw blood on her chest.  We looked at her chin and she had split it open.  She is such a tough kid!  We decided it would be best to go to Urgent care and she came home with four stitches.  They just put that gel on it and sewed it up. She didn't budge or cry! The Dr. said he had never seen a tougher kid.

She is such a brave little thing!

And now for some more pictures of Jilliana.  I plan to share a few each post.  My next post I will put the update report we just got for her.

I don't quite understand this one, but this is one of her first referral pictures in her file.  She does have a cute little look but devil horns?

Jilliana enjoying a cake.  I believe somewhere around December 2009 or January 2010

It looks like the cake was a hit.  In almost all of the pictures we have of her they have her hair fixed up do cute.  I think she will have thick hair like Meilynn.  We are going to ask them not to cut it.

Isn't this a cute one with all of her little friends.  I think this would have been taken after May of 2010.  The kids at her SWI all look so healthy and happy.

We are working as fast as we can to bring her home so that she can start getting the help that she may need for her hearing.  We don't want her to fall to far behind. She has already lost valuable time with the disruption.  We were waiting for our Child abuse clearances to come in so that we could get our homestudy completed and finally after many calls we were able to get them on Thursday.  Now we are waiting for our homestudy agency to complete the homestudy report.  We have all of our dossier put together except for this report.  We hope that they get it to us this week so we can send it to the State Department to get Certified and then on to the Chinese Consulate to get Authenticated.  When those things are done we will be able to send it to our agency and they can send it off to China and we will be officially DTC or Dossier to China.


Jennifer Taylor said...

Poor Lily!! She is so brave and strong! Love all of the new pictures, and the snake...oh my!

shelnel said...

Wondering if the devil horns are oxen horns, year of the oxen?

Vicki said...

Shelnel, I think you are righ! Boy do I feel stupid! I looked up the dates for the year of the ox and it is 2009. She would have been 14 months at the New Year in 2009, so I think that you are right! They are oxen horns!!! That makes me feel so much better. Thank you!