Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little of this and that

We are still here!  I have just been so busy!  With homeschooling Lily, getting the girls to school, and getting my dossier together.  And then all of the housework, and laundry, you all know what I am talking about.  Here is a picture that I snapped of Lily on one of the days when we were working on "skip counting", (I call it counting by two's,  but the math program we use calls it skip counting.  Lily was having a really hard time getting it, so we went outside and made a little game of it.  She had to jump to each square and say it with the number in it.  She had a major breakthrough when she actually got to "see" it.  She really enjoyed it when I did it!  She asked, "Mommy, why you so smart?"  Oh, these are days when it feels good and feels like progress is being made.  Slowly, yet still progress.  I think next time I will make two side by side and show her why we skip count.  She will jump on each square and i will jump on the 2, 4, 6, 8 and have a race.  Not only will she think I am smart, but she will think that I am fast!

We have begun preparations for our little Jilliana.  When Lily came home we did not know who would work at sleeping together.  All three girls wanted to sleep together.  At first we had bunk beds, but that meant that it was pretty hard to snuggle in bed.  Meilynn was up on the top bunk.  Snuggling with Mommy  while we pray and sing a song that each one chooses is the highlight of the day.  So even though the room was too small for three bed's side by side we did it.

With Jilliana coming we have decided to split the girls in two's.  Emma and Jilliana will sleep in one room and Lily and Meilynn in the other.  We have decided to go back to bunks in one room and to give Jilliana the Bunny Bed that a while back I just could not let go of and now I am glad I did not.  I didn't think to snap a picture until we had already started getting ready for the move.

This is my Aunt Claudia with Lily.  Lily has seen Emma and Meilynn's 100 wishes quilts and really wanted one.  This one is actually the  "cuddle" quilt that my Aunt made for Lily.  She worked really hard and it turned out beautiful.  The fabric around the edges is Michael Miller.  You cannot see it, but there are beautiful fairy's on this quilt.  Lily was so excited and shows it to everyone that comes over.  Thank you Aunt Claudia for such a labor of love.

This is a very special square.  It is made from a hankie of my Grandma Leta's who died before she even  knew that I would be starting a whole new family.  She is my Aunts mother and I loved spending time with her.  I am so glad that Lily will have something that was hers.

One very excited little girl!
We had back to school night for Emma and Meilynn.  Lily loved Clifford the big red dog.

Meilynn's self  portrait.  Rainbow is her favorite color.
Emma, our girly girl!

The girls are really into scrapbooking.  I just let them go at it.  I do not do anything at all.  They amaze me with how much time they will spend on this.

Here is the page Emma was working on today!

And I want to leave you with our newest daughter to be
Jilliana Elise
I have been working really hard and we may be DTC, dossier to China, on Friday.  Pray that all of my couriers connect and that my paperwork was done correctly.  I just may have the fastest DTC that my agency has had.  Tonight is the Moon Festival and we have the most beautiful moon tonight.  I hope that our little one is joining in the celebration of the Moon.  Don't you just love the way they have dressed her?

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I am just loving the shoes! They are just too cute and so is she!