Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting Ready for Kai Lan and Other Really Cute Pictures!

There is a new television show that is starting on February 7Th (Chinese New Year). It features a little Chinese girl named Kai-Lan. The show is called Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. It will be similar to Dora The Explorer except she will be speaking in Mandarin. The girls don't watch much TV, except for music videos and the Baby Channel that we order, so they don't see any commercials yet. This makes grocery shopping a breeze since they don't know about all the foods with the characters on them. I hear children all of the time begging for this brand and that. This worked with my older children so I wanted to do it again. But,we want to watch this show and it will have commercials. I guess I cannot shield them forever, or I could DVR it and skip through the commercials. Anyways on the Nick site their are downloads for puppets and other craft activities. We chose to make the Kai-Lan puppet this day. The girls cannot wait for the show to start and ask everyday to watch Ni Hao, Kai-Lan.We cannot wait for Ni Hao Kai-Lan to start!Meilynn I just want to squeeze you so tight!"Mommy, do you want me to smile like this?""This is my Kai-Lan puppet and I refuse to smile for the picture!""Our first puppet project. Next time Mommy says we need to get glue sticks" We had the girls hair cut a few months ago and it finally almost long enough to go in two Tippy Tails (pony tails) again! Here the girls are trying to give each other a "high five" but can't quite connect! "Meilynn, you are silly" One of the girls favorite thing to say to me is "Silly Mommy" They say it when I drop something or say something funny."This is the way that Mommy and Daddy kiss!" "Let me show you how they do it." The girls have decided that since Mommy doesn't use the Ab-Lounger that it makes a good chair. They like to watch the TV from it.The first time both girls got time outs. We only have one time-out chair so I had to improvise. You may be wondering what they did? They clobbered each other over the head with their cell phones.
Just before leaving for Tumble Tots Of course Kitty Boo Boo has to take her Hello Kitty.Emma will be so embarrassed when we use this picture for her high school yearbook We gave the girls our old cell phones when we got the new I Phones for Christmas. They carry them everywhere.
The girls got these really cool remote control cars for Christmas. The are made for 2 year olds. Meilynn loves hers but Emma is scared to death of it. She won't go anywhere near it. She screams when Meilynn plays with hers so Meilynn and big sister Kami went out on the driveway to drive it.
"Our new cell phones" "Smile"
Having a big sister is so much fun! We love Kami

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MississippiZen said...

That time-out picture is cracking me up!

Your girls are just beautiful (all of them!). I love reading your adventures as it gives me a glimpse of what to look forward to (besides learning that we will need two time out chairs LOL)

Your panda friend,