Monday, December 17, 2007

Miss Tippy Tail and Kitty Boo Boo

Our blog has had a new change and that is the name! When I first started the blog it was just the Poma Family. After Emma came home and was with us a while I changed the name to the Poma Family and The Adventures of Miss Tippy Tail. Tippy Tail is the name that Emma came up with for pony tail. We still call pony tails and pony tail holders, tippy tails. We thought it was so cute and it just stuck. After we got our referral for Meilynn I wondered what the name of our blog would evolve to. I was waiting to know her or for her to come up with a cute thing. Meilynn has been home now four months and I think we have found it. Some names that we had considered were The Adventures of Miss Tippy Tail and Miss Prissy Pants. This was because Meilynn was such a prissy eater. She didn't like to get any thing on her hands when she ate. I am sorry to say that we have cured that habit and now she is almost as messy as Emma. Another favorite is what she calls Big Bird. She calls him China. You may wonder how she came up with that? We own the movie Big Bird in China. So after watching it she just thought we meant Big Bird's name was China. She has diapers that have Big Bird on them and she asks to wear the China diapers! And as we go down the asiles of Toys R Us, you can hear her yelling China whenever we see Big Bird. I think this is so cute but I think I need to correct her before she says this in front of other kids and they tease her. I couldn't figure out how to use it in the name of the blog. Miss Tippy Tail and China, just didn't seem right. I think I have mentioned before about Kitty Boo Boo. Kitty Boo Boo is an ice pack that both Meilynn and Emma use when they get an owie. I am not sure which one started calling it Kitty Boo Boo but that is what we call it. When we see a Hello Kitty Meilynn goes crazy and says Kitty Boo Boo. Emma recieved a Hello Kitty in China when we went to pick up Meilynn and Meilynn has decided that it is hers. She sleeps with it every night. She is our Kitty Boo Boo or Hello Kitty girl, so it seemed only fitting to give her the name of Kitty Boo Boo for this blog. Emma has shared her Hello Kitty with Meilynn since Meilynn is so crazy about it, but you can be sure that Santa will be bringing her, her own Hello Kitty or Kitty Boo Boo EMMA AND MEILYNN'S KITTY BOO BOO'S
Hi! I am Meilynn Grace Shiyue and my new nick name on this blog is "Kitty Boo Boo" Mommy says that Emma's Hello Kitty needs a bath. Well I guess it does since I sleep with it every night. Will Hello Kitty be ok?Mommy put her under the water!I really just want to hold her! I don't care if she is dirty!She does look kind of cute getting a bath.Now Mommy put her in the dryer! I got to see her go around and around! When she was done she smelled so good and she looked so clean! I am asking Santa to bring me a Kitty Boo Boo or Hello Kitty for Christmas so that I can give Emma's back to her.


Tamara said...

Love the new name for the blog! We have been talking about new blog names as well. I have a few that I like. I love the pictures of all your girls on Santa's lap. We have not tried Meison yet- this weekend we will.
I hope the girls have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!!

missy said...

Precious, precious pics!
: )