Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our First Trip to Disneyland 2007

Mommy and Daddy kept telling us we were going to go to this place called Disneyland. We didn't know what it was but we were all for going! The weeks before Mommy and Daddy showed us Disney movies and books so that we would at least recognize a few Characters. Below is a picture of Mommy Kami and Emma on the tram to get into Disneyland. Meilynn and I were still wondering what this Disneyland thing was.This is a picture of the whole family. First is Meilynn, Meghan, Mommy, Emma, Daddy, and Kami. Meghan's boyfriend, Nick came also but he was the one taking the picture. Mommy and Daddy decided to Not take the double strollers. They didn't want us fighting and this way we had our own space. (Mommy note- This was the best decision we made. We knew we were going to be there a long time and we new that it might be crowded. It wasn't that crowded but we were able to wait in lines with our strollers rather than holding them the whole time. We could not have waited in the lines with a double. But the best thing was the girls did not fight all day! And when one was sleeping the other one could go off and do things still!) Here I am in my old single stroller! Emma and Daddy in front of It's a small world. It was the first ride we went on. Meilynn loved it and Emma held on tight to her Daddy. Daddy trying on a hat!
Meghan trying on Meilynn's hat. Mommy and Daddy bought us Minnie Mouse hats. It is a tradition in our family to get mouse ears the first time you go to Disneyland. Mommy and Emma after going on It's a Small World
Meghan and Nick on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We were taking a nap when they went on that ride! Daddy with another silly hat! We love to say silly Daddy.I look a little unsure still. I loved the submarine! We saw Nemo! Daddy is sooooooooooooooooooo funny!
I am funny too!Me too!With our hats! We got to choose our own! I am playing Meghan's scarf. I like to tease her. Wow! This is a long day! ( Mommy note- Both of the girls fell asleep within 30 minutes of each other and took good naps while the big kids rode the fast rides. ) We both got to choose a stuffed animal. We both chose Minnie. I was brave enough to go on Dumbo. Emma watched me and after she saw me she wished that she had gone!Mommy got the short straw and had to change my diaper while we were in line at the Autopia. We had been in line a long time and she didn't see how to get out with my smelly diaper, so she found this area where no one was standing and changed me right there. She decided they would rather smell this diaper change than to smell me in line the whole time. A Mommy knows how to do these things! The beautiful castle decorated for Christmas. It was so beautiful seeing Disneyland with all of the Christmas decorations!
Daddy holding me tight! We had a great day! A funny or sad thing happened to Mommy and Daddy when they went on Space Mountain. All of the rockets were going one way but Mommy and Daddy's rocket went another way and then it stopped! The sat for a few minutes and then they pulled up this ladder with stairs on it and took off the people in the first row. Mommy and Daddy thought that maybe they had changed their minds, but then they pulled the ladder up to the second row and those people got off and then the next row. Mommy and Daddy knew that something was happening but they didn't know what. Then they got to Mommy and Daddy's row and they got off. Daddy asked what was happening. You won't believe this! They weigh each rocket and Mommy and Daddy's rocket was overweight! So they had to go back around, skip the line and get back in another rocket with lighter people! Mommy thinks that it is sad that so many people in America are overweight!
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