Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Beach Days

Wow!  Things have been super busy this summer and time just keeps going by faster than I can keep up.  We spent almost three weeks at the beach and then we were home for just one day before we flew off to Cape Cod for Meilynn's adoption reunion.  During that one day I had to not only pack but we decided it would be a good time to get a termite tenting done.   So in addition to packing for the trip we had to pack up all of our food.  We noticed termites awhile ago, but had not seen any new activity until one day I saw the little pile of wood shavings in a new spot.  I know there are many parts of the country that do not get termites.  Here in California they are always looking for a house to eat up.  So they were at our house and it was time to do something.  The directions said that we needed to bag up or move out all of our food.  This means everything out of the refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  I don't know about you, but I have gum in purses, and drawers and there is candy and other things in places you forgot that you put it. I went through every cabinet and drawer.  We had to move toothpaste also.  So then I took it a step further and thought if we had to move toothpaste then I wanted to play it safe and moved all make-up, creams, tampons, shampoos, anything that would be put on our bodies or in them.  Do you know how many lip glosses the girls have?  TOO MANY!  It took awhile to find it all but I think I got everything.  Then my mind started thinking, what about toilet paper??  They said that it is a gas and does not leave a residue and that we would not even need to wash the sheets or plates.  It was quite a chore.

While we were at the beach the girls all got their hair cut.  This was especially hard for Lily because she wants to have long hair so badly,  but her ends were so damaged and uneven.  I think that she understood that for her to grow it longer we needed to trim it.  She was very happy with the finished cut. We keep going back and forth on the bangs.  First we decided to grow them out and then we decided to cut just a few, now we are back to growing them out.  The hairdresser showed us a cute way to tie them back.

Daddy does all the fingernail cutting at our house and is there not a more beautiful place to do this than overlooking the ocean?  That is a lot of little fingers and toes!  Meilynn getting hers done first.

Lily getting hers done
Emma at the beach.  The girls love playing in the sand

Meilynn, she loves anything rainbow
We had such a relaxing time, I did not want to leave
While we were at the beach we found a cute little Hello Kitty Bank project to do.  We did not have any aprons or old shirts down there so we decided that trash bags would work just as well.
Meilynn making the plan of the painting that she will do on her Kitty.  The girls did a good job of making a plan and then putting it into place.
Planning is a big part of doing an art project or anything really.  It is never to early to learn this.
Emma beginning to paint
Lily working on hers
Meilynn beginning her painting
This was the first layer.  I think it was pretty close to the plan.  Some revisions were made on the second layer.

This is Emma's
I think they did a great job!!!

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Anonymous said...

Little kitty is so happy you made her look so pretty. You did a great job girls.
Love you