Sunday, August 01, 2010

Legoland, Beach with friends, and a tough question.

We took a picnic down to the beach to watch the sun go down.  My girls always say when they see it disappear, that it is on it's way to China to begin a new day.  When we were waiting for Meilynn, I would tell Emma that it is a new day where Meilynn is.  And then when we were waiting for Lily both of the girls knew that a new day was starting for Lily when there day was ending.  Somehow it made us feel closer knowing that she was seeing the same sun.  It will forever make me think of all of the children in China without a Mommy and a Daddy.

 Just today Lily asked me why she was in China for so long?  She knows that we got Emma when she was a baby and that we got Meilynn when she was two, but she does not know why it took so long for us to come and get her.  I tried to explain in simple terms, but it was beyond her understanding.  She said why did we get Emma when she was little, and Meilynn when she was two, and she had to wait a longer, longer time?  And then she said that we should have come fast. I told her that we did not know about her when she was a baby, but that God did and took care of her.  If she only knew how hard I worked to get her home as fast as we could.  I told her that I had to do a lot of paperwork and then China had to tell me I could come.  Emma and Meilynn chimed in here and said that I was working on paperwork and they had to wait until I was done before I could play with them.   And then she said Mommy and Daddy should have come faster, faster!  It breaks my heart that she had to wait so long for a Mommy and Daddy.  Today marks 6 months that she has been "Forever In Our Arms".

Here we are at Legoland with our friend, Zoe.
Lily on the jousting horse
and Meilynn
Emma on the slide
four freezing girls (sounds like it should be part of the 12 days of summer song)
My friend Kym with Emma
Meilynn got to be the engineer
Lily on the playground at Legoland
Emma and Zoe, best friends since they were less than 12 months
Back at the Beach (Emma)
Daddy taking Lily out to ride the waves
Zoe found an old lobster and named it "Monty".


"Christmas in July" at the campeground across the street. Here they are painting rocks.
Meilynn on her scooter.  I think this is the cutest picture.


Kristi said...

Sweet Lily. It breaks my heart that she thinks (right now ~ I'm sure as she gets older and has a better understanding that she'll change her mind) there was a way you could have gotten to her faster. Such heavy topics for such sweet young minds...

Jami said...

Every couple of months I check your blog and see how Lily is doing. I remember clearly the sad face I saw on Lifeline's waiting list, then seeing "matched". Then just a short while later seeing your adoption journey web site. It's been a blessing to see Lily's sad face become bright and beautiful. I have a soft spot for the older girls in China and reading about Lily's question really makes my heart hurt.
You and your husband are doing an amazing job with your three girls and are a true picture of Love. Thanks for sharing!

Sammy said...

I think your family was worth the wait for Lily. I'm happy for her.