Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cape Cod for Meilynn's Adoption Reunion

We decided that we wanted to go again this year to Meilynn's adoption reunion.  We go to see the other little girls in our group that were adopted at the same time.  Most of them were babies with the exception of a 6 year old.  I also thought it would be good for Lily to be around all of the bigger girls (a lot of the littles adopted with Meilynn have older sisters).  We have used three different adoption agency's with our children.  We were pleased with all of the agencies it is just that with the exception of Emma we found them on agency lists.  Meilynn's adoption was through Alliance for Children out of Boston.  Emma's was European Adoption Consultants in Ohio, and Lily's was Lifeline in Alabama.

We took a tour of the Cape Cod Potato chip factory.  The girls are really into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so this was  a good way to show them a real working factory and it was a very short tour which was perfect for short attention spans.

After the potato chip factory we went to the fair.  This was a great opportunity for Lily to see live animals.  She is lacking in so many areas that we take for granted.
They got to touch a baby cow.  /this was remarkable in itself since Meilynn is afraid to go near a dog.
Daddy doing a little home schooling about what the cows eat.
Emma gets a closer look
Good Morning!
touching a baby chick for the first time.
Lily touching it soft
If there is a craft project to be found these girls will find it.  The 4H club had a craft booth

Emma getting a ride with Daddy
Lily making sure she gets a turn too.
This is what I call tired!  And I know that I said I would never get a van, but after renting this one they are starting to sound better and better.
We love to drive home like this.
Emma never goes to sleep, but she can fake it well and as long as she is resting then ok.
Meeting up with two of the girls from our group.  Lily loved the big sister.
Dinner at Seafood Sammy's
Doesn't she look like she should be on one of the Learn Chinese with Mei Mei videos?
Candlestick bowling, the balls are the perfect size for little hands.
Emma, Lily, Meilynn
Lily's first bowling
Meilynn had the most natural talent
Beautiful Bowler
Her technique needs a little work.

Face painting at Cuffy's T-shirt shop
We had lunch here on the way to our favorite pie shop
Nothing makes me more happy than to see a Daddy with his daughters
Sign at the pie shop
Meilynn being warned by the pie shop lady about touching the glass (all in fun)
Reunion of the Hunan Girls

gift getting
Lily with her new glasses
Group shot
Lily's first miniature golf
It was really hot and humid this day.  We were all grouchy
So cute!
Off course you have to have ice cream.  I think that Cape Cod has more ice cream shops than anywhere I know.
This is what ice cream does to you
You can quote me if you want but this is what I think depicts a real man.
On the pier in Provincetown
Ready to swim in the freezing cold indoor pool
Onion rings in Boston while waiting for Daddy to check out a Hotel for a conference.
And finally a visit to an Aquarium
When we got home we did not know that we could not turn the gas on after the termite fumigation so we had to wait two days for showers.  The girls and I went to the Laundromat to wash our clothes.  Here they are passing the time waiting for the dryer to finish.  We had a great trip!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun trip.

Jennifer Taylor said...

love all of the new pictures from your trip! looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I know you had a great trip, but I am so glad you are home.
Friend Julie