Monday, March 01, 2010

We are still here, just very busy!

I am working very hard to find time to blog, but life has been busy as you can imagine.  And then to top that off, we are a family that is always on the move at a moments notice so I haven't fully unpacked our bags from China and we were off for the weekend at the desert to ride.  Things are going great with Lily. She is very happy and is learning how to fit in to our family.  And we are adjusting to having her here too.
On Waiting in the waiting room.  Meilynn and Lily

On Tuesday we had our appointment with the International Adoption  Doctor,  Dr. Mink.  We used her for our adoption with Emma also.  For Meilynn's adoption we used a Dr. in San Francisco
 who was highly recommended to us by our agency.  So we loaded up all of the girls and went to make the trip to Torrance to see Dr. Mink.  Lily is doing fine.  She is only 36 pounds and almost 44 inches tall. That puts her in the 5% for both height and weight.  For some reason I thought she was tall, but I guess it is because she is so thin.  We will need to get all of the usual blood tests and shots.  We couldn't do any shots on Tuesday because it had been less than a month sine she received shots in China and we are going to run some titers to see what shots she will need. The Dr. observed her playing and her fine motor skills are good just as I suspected as well as her large motor skills.  The Dr. observed quite a few scars on her little body.  We will never know where they all came from, but she is fearless and maybe that has something to do with all of them.  I started her in gymnastics this week with Emma and Meilynn and she loved it.  She wasn't afraid to try anything.

Lily having fun in the playhouse at the Dr.s office.

Lily with Dr. Mink

Daddy taking a picture of us with Dr. Mink

So where do you go after a visit to the Dr's? Why Disneyland of course!  We really were not planning to go to Disneyland but it was so close and we couldn't resist.  We decided to go for dinner and a few rides.  We had bought season passes when Meilynn turned four so we bought one for Lily.  She liked it, but she was very tired after the visit with the Dr.    She loved "It's a small world"  We decided to make this first trip as low key as possible so we ate dinner and went on just a few of the rides.

Meeting the chipmunks!  Emma was in the bathroom.

Tram ride.  It was a surprise for everyone!

In front of the Castle
Everyone has to ride Dumbo on their first visit to Disneyland

Lily loves "It's a small world"

So what do you do your first weekend home?  You go to the desert for some more fun!
Daddy couldn't wait to get her out and riding.  But after our experience with the cars in China (See the Video) we decided that instruction would be best before we set her loose.  Daddy took her shopping for her riding outfit and she loved it.   She thought the goggles were for swimming.

Lily on the Quad

Meilynn on one of the rocks we call moon rocks or cinnabons

Lily in her new gear



Carol said...

Oh, my gosh. An update! heh heh

We're so happy to hear things are moving forward. It's just that we're dyin' here, not knowing.

We want everything to be just right through Lily's adaptation, and we KNOW you'd have everything perfectly managed, Vicki.

How can I reach you privately? I'd like to inquire about one of the young girls you met.

From Ottawa

Lori Lynn said...

How very cool to see how Lily is adapting! It looks like you really are very busy. I chuckle that you went to Disney for dinner and a few rides. Only people with season passes. Maybe we'll get some for next year.

Colleen said...

oh my gosh look at how perfectly Lily fits she has been with you forever : ) Beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing.

Melanie & David said...

Hi Poma family!
It's so great to be able to see your blog and catch up. Looks like you are all doing fantastically well. I am envious of being able to "drop by" Disneyland - we're planning to go when we come to CA in July. It would be great to see you. The quad biking in the desert looks like fantastic fun. Indigo loves to go on her cousin's battery operated quad bike so I can't imagine her on a real one. I am hoping you're going to have some photos and information on Guillin - dying to hear about it. We arrived home around 2 am Tuesday the 23rd - missed our connection in Chicago since our Shanghai flight was late but managed a later flight. Taking a while to recover from the jetlag and just now getting back onto the internet since being in Shanghai. The girls look beautiful and glad that all was well with Lily at the appointment - you're smart to get the titres - it's still a blood draw but much better plan - IMO.
Take care,
Melanie, David, Indigo and Isaac

rgshrs said...

Great pictures! It is so great to see Lily settling in and the three girls together, and yeah if I was that close, we wouldn't be resisting Disneyland either;) Probably a good thing we aren't that close. LOL

Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of Lily in her riding clothes. So Cute!!! I am so happy she is doing so well. I love playing with her and spending time with all three of those little ones. I hope you enjoyed your get away to go riding. Did Lily run over anyone or anything LOL.

friend Julie

prechrswife said...

Great update! :-)

prechrswife said...

Great update! :-)

Joanne said...

I loved following your journey to Lily. It's so wonderful to see how well she has adapted and to see pictures of your beautiful family.
June Jitterbug