Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lily's First Day of School

Lily receives her Certificate of Citizenship

Even though I am not sure she understood what it was she knew it was important and was very happy to show it off.

The girls eating breakfast on Lily's first day of school.  I think she understood where she was going because we have taken Emma and Meilynn to school so many times.  She knew it was her day and that Emma and Meilynn would not be going to stay.

Posing for her first day of school photo

Lily in the classroom already getting ready to build something.

Just before I left her.

Today was Lily's first day.  I stayed in the classroom with her just about 15 minutes and then told her I was going to leave but that I would be back later.  She nodded her head and seemed fine with the idea.  I had some errands to run but I had left the cell phone at home and I  was worried that the school might call me.  So we went home and then out to run errands.  Lily has been wanting a toy cell phone really bad.  It is one of the things the girls fight over a lot.  So I told Emma and Meilynn that I wanted them to help pick out a cell phone that they thought Lily would like as a present for her first day of school.  They decided on a Dora phone that you can put stickers on.  I wanted to make a point that just because we were buying Lily something didn't mean that they needed something too.  We had some good discussions about sharing and why Lily hides her things that she does have and I think that there little 4 year old minds understood a little.  

I called the school at 10:30  just to make sure that all was well and I heard that everything was going great.  We also went to Barnes and Noble where the girls love to go look at books.  After that we had 20 minutes to spend at the park before picking Lily up.  It was over 85 degrees today so 20 minutes was more than enough.

Meilynn waiting for Lily to come out.

Emma waiting for Lily

I was so excited to pick up Lily and see how her day went.  She came out with a big smile and was proud to show off what she had done at school.

The girls couldn't wait to give her the cell phone and it made my heart proud to see the excitement they had on there little  faces when they gave her the gift and to see her little face so happy.

I would love to say that the rest of the day was perfect, but we had the usual sisterly fights.  I had to take Meilynn back to Barnes and Noble because she left Emma's purse there and I didn't find this out until it was dinner time and after a nice dinner we all went on a walk and had a great time until the end when Lily was really testing Mike and she got sent to bed as soon as we got home. 
 All in all a perfectly normal family.


Kristi said...

I love Lily's smile with her school art. And kudos to you for starting to explain that just because one child gets a new toy that they don't all get one.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you all day today, because it was Lily's first day of school. I thought you might be worrying about her. I guess I was a little bit too. LOL.
I am so glad to hear she did well at school. I can't wait to see her grow and learn. I love her proud face after school showing you her art project. She did great Today!!!
Yeah and Hurray for LILY!!!!

Friend Julie

Kym said...

Look at this smart little bird. So proud!

Anonymous said...

good job school girl.
luv g-ma

Sammy said...

Can't imagine what it must be like to have that nice weather!

Heather said...

I love how proud of herself she appears to be! very sweet!