Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Nall

This last weekend we went to Phoenix to help Mike's Grandma celebrate her 99th birthday!  She is an amazing woman who is an inspiration to me.  While we were there we got to see Meghan our second daughter and her husband Nick.  They are living in Phoenix so it was a good chance to also spend time with them and see their apartment and their new dog, Max.

We left late on Friday afternoon with the intention that the girls would be asleep for some of the long drive.  We stopped in Blythe for dinner and then changed the girls into jammies.  The girls were really good on the ride there.  Emma and Meilynn are not very good in the car, but we only heard, "It's taking too long" a few times as opposed to the usual 20-30 times.  The girls were asleep when we arrived at the hotel so we carried them up and they were off to dreamland.

On Saturday we met up with Meghan and Nick and spent time with them.  Meghan went with us to the Science Museum.  Lily did great with all of the changes.  We are a family on the move and she handled it all very well.  We spent the afternoon at the museum and then we ate at Meghan and Nick's favorite little Thai food place.  Thai food is always a winner with our girls.

At the museum

Emma using the computer at the science museum

Meghan and Lily
Meghan and Emma

Meilynn and Meghan

Learning about earthquakes

Learning about moving weights closer or further away to make the wheel go faster

On Sunday we went to Meghan and Nick's church.  The girls all went to the Sunday School.  When I think of the first year home with Emma and Meilynn and staying that year with them in the Nursery I can see how far we have come that we could leave them in a place they had never been before with people they didn't know and they did just fine.  Lily went in the same class with them.  We didn't feel that she should be left alone so soon.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Grandma's party.

Meghan and Grandma Nall

Grandma Nall, me and Emma

Meghan and Mike talking to his cousins

Nick helped entertain the girls

She still has it!
We tried and tried to get a family picture with Grandma. We never did get it right.  You cannot even see Emma in this one.  She is behind Lily's head.

You still cannot see Emma

I think this was the closest one to working out.  Lily is not smiling and Emma has attitude.

This morning Lily had her first bubble bath.


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