Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visa's are Here!!!

The Visa's are here!  I used a service this time because the thought of driving to Los Angeles twice and waiting in line during this busy season, was just too much for me.  I used "There's Always Hope!"  The price was really reasonable for the service since she charges one price for a family.  And since we have 5 going, it really made sense to use someone who does this all the time.  The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I already got them back.  Of course the application fee for the actual Visa's was not cheap at all.  We paid $650 to the Chinese Consulate for the Visa's.   You may be wondering why there are six and one is red.  This will be Meilynn's first trip back to China, so you have to send in the Chinese passport along with the United States passport.  They then clip the corner to make her Chinese passport invalid.  The funny thing is that we did the same thing for Emma when we went to adopt Meilynn and they sent her Chinese passport back, untouched.

Here is what the Visa looks like.  It is a multi-entry good for one year.  It is a little step, but at least it is progress in the right direction.

I still have no update on Lily.  I am trying every way I  know how.  My agency has asked and they are told that they will get one, but still I haven't seen anything.  I have sent three care packages and letters and still nothing.  Tonight I will e-mail Ann of Red Thread to see if they responded to my letter.  In the mean time, I can only guess at the size Lily might be in.  Her information from May said that she was only 35 pounds and 41 inches tall.  If I judge her growth by Emma and Meilynn she would have only gained  maybe two pounds and maybe a couple of inches.  Emma and Meilynn are tiny and are just reaching 30 pounds.  They wear mostly size 3 toddler.  So I am guessing that Lily is anywhere from a 4T-5T or 4-5.  I have no idea on shoe size, but finding shoes in China will not be a problem.  I think it will be more difficult to find a bathing suit for her, so I would like to buy one for her now.  Most families spend some time in the pool when they are adopting.  Emma was sick when we got her, so she did not go in the pool.  Meilynn was afraid of the pool but we still spent a fair amount of the time at the pool.

Emma's first swim!

Meilynn at the White Swan Pool  (Those little arms and legs)

Looking forward to our first swim with Lily.

We have been very busy just like any other family at this time of year.  We went to Disneyland yesterday, were in a musical at our Church, and Tomorrow is Daddy's big 50 birthday.  We are having a huge party with over 125 guests.  I will post pictures on all of this soon.


Jackie said...


So glad things are moving right along. Soon, very soon! lol


Kristi said...

Yay for passports back with entry to China approved! I expect ours back on Tuesday...
FYI, my Kylie (who apparently is HUGE as a three year old compared to your little ones) is 37 pounds and 42 inches tall and wears 4T pants (for length) and a combo of 3T and 4T shirts and dresses.
I hope you are able to get new measurements!