Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve Day and Big Girl Beds

Emma and Meilynn got the brilliant idea to use the "joke" canes that Daddy got for his birthday to roller skate around the kitchen.

Mommy had to put a stop to this activity.  She did not want to be visiting the Doctor's on Christmas Eve.

Grandma and Aunt Debbie getting ready to enjoy some cookies.

This is our Grandpa Buddy.

Emma's big girl bed came.  We have decided that Emma will sleep in a twin and Meilynn and Lily will sleep in the new bunkbeds.  We hope that they get here before Lily does.  All three girls will start out in the same room.  After Lily comes we will make any sleeping adjustments if we need to.  Awhile ago I wrote a post about getting rid of the "bunny bed",  well I am happy to say that it has found a home in our house again.  We had anticipated Emma and Meilynn having their own rooms with double beds, but that was before our plan to adopt again.  I had saved the "bunny bed" that I had bought for the older girls when they were little.  I loved it then and I still do.  So now it will be in the extra room and whoever needs to sleep there when they are sick or at nap time can.  Right now, until the bunkbeds get here, Meilynn is sleeping in it.  That is the 100 good wishes quilt on Emma's bed.  I am probably going to buy other quilts to go on the beds as well.  Emma loves her new cozy bed.  When she is a little bigger we will move it up higher.

Daddy and Nick (Mae-Mae's husband) worked on putting new shelves and drawers in the closets since we won't really have room for three dressers.  Right now the plan is to have one dresser and then there will be shelves and drawers in both closets for the girls to share.  I think it will be important for them each to have there own space to keep things.  So there will be some drawers and shelves they will share and some that will just be there things.

Meilynn on the famous "bunny bed"

Meilynn loves her Hello Kitties

Playing around on the big girl beds

They are so funny!

Christmas Eve-Meilynn putting out the carrots for the reindeer.

Emma thinks the reindeer will come from over there!

Mae-Mae playing with Meilynn

Grandma having a little fun with the girls.

Aunt Julie with Meilynn on Christmas Eve

Daddy (Santa) putting together the Plasma Cars

Nick looking a little perplexed on how to put it together.

Mommy (Mrs. Claus) putting the stockings together.

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Kristi said...

I liked getting a glimpse at your organization system. I'm working on how to transform Kylie's room into "the girls' room" right now...
Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!