Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meilynn's Fourth Birthday

I am so far behind in posting. This was Meilynn's Birthday. She turned four on May 24. We had a family birthday party and went to Disneyland.Meilynn enjoying her birthday cupcake cones Even Grandma played games! Meilynn and Emma with their cousins, Nick and Frank. Kami wanted to get Meilynn a bank. Meilynn had noticed that Emma had a few piggy banks. We got a few of them at her baby shower. Meilynn really wanted to have one too. Kami searched for just the right one but couldn't find what she wanted. She decided to make her one at one of those places where you make it yourself. Meilynn loves it. I didn't write about it but Meilynn lost her Hello Kitty that she loves when we went to a hotel. It must have been picked up with the sheets. We never were able to recover it. I searched everywhere for that exact same one. Finally we decided to get one from Hong Kong. We waited anxiously for it to arrive. (She slept with her Hello Kitty ever night) It arrived and it was really big. Meilynn slept with it but you could tell it just wasn't the one that she loved. Kami was looking on the internet and found someone in Hawaii selling a group of five Hello Kitty's and one just like the one she owned before was in the group. I won the auction and then made a deal with the seller to keep the other four and just sell me the one. I couldn't wait for it to arrive and surprise Meilynn for her birthday. I was the one in for a surprise! When I went to the mailbox, I saw how small the envelope was and knew it could not possibly be the same one. I opened it and it looked like the other one in every way except size. It was a lot smaller. We gave it to Meilynn for her birthday and it has now become the one that she sleeps with every night. I would love to find another one just in case! Here is Hello Kitty on the swing we made out of the new tinker toys. Emma calls them "tinkers"
I wasn't as creative this year with the cake. She still loved it. Sisters Forever Meilynn with her balloons This was after a day at Disneyland. I think she has chocolate on her face. Happy Birthday Kitty Boo Boo In Minnie Mouse's house with big sister Kami Meilynn after riding her first roller coaster with Daddy and Kami. Emma was not ready yet! More Emma's speed. Emma with Mommy Meilynn and Kami Daddy with Meilynn Emma and Kami


Mary McG in TN said...

The girls are growing so fast. They are the cutest!!! I am looking for you to post about THE wedding! Have been missing your posts! By the way, what ever happened with the ... gosh forgot what it was specifically, but I know I wanted it in your beautiful garden. Was it a metal headboard of sorts? Am REALLY missing your updates!

Vicki said...

I am trying to get caught up. The wedding is in the middle of August. It will be here before we know it. I still have the bunny bed in my garage and I see it every time i pull in. Now that we are adopting again, maybe I will get to use it! I liked your garden idea. My husband just laughed when I told him. But, he has laughed at a lot of ideas I come up with that he would have to admit worked! Thanks for the suggestion

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Late Miss Meilynn!!! Sorry I could not be there!
Mommy's Friend Julie