Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some fun times and precious moments this week

After Daddy comes home from his motorcycle race we can't wait to see him! Emma and Daddy Meilynn and Daddy Daddy makes a great couch! He always takes the time to help us discover new things I'm not sure what this was about, but I thought it was cute.  Oh that is Meilynn by the way. Emma loves to put together her own combinations Daddy with his girls Even with a stool they still cannot reach.  We had little stools built into the cabinets in their bathrooms but they still cannot reach.  I can see this from my kitchen.  It always tickles me to see those little legs.  This is Meilynn. Mommy suggested picking lemons.  (I think I waited to long to pick them.  They were more the color of oranges than lemons.  Meilynn picked almost all of them.  Emma picked a few and then found better things to do. They thought this was great fun Emma trying to get a lemon off of our tree.  We had weather in the high 70's today. The newest thing is posing.  I don't know where they got it from but they always want me to take their picture doing this. Meilynn showing us how old she is. Mommy with her girls Another pose this week Meilynn showing us her pose Princess Emma Meilynn trying to decide which Pez container she is going to eat out of. Relaxing in the playroom The girls had their very first playdate this week.  They were waiting by the window for their friend Zoe to come Watching the clock.  Only 5 more minutes Aunt Debbie sharing a popsicle when we were trying to get Emma's fever down.


bbmomof2boys said...

Sorry you got that comment - at least they could have posted a name or something!

Fever - Little T had a fever for a few days last week. It went to about 103 - heart racing, fast breathing. I was one scared momma! Poor little thing slept the entire day and didn't eat or drink. Popsicles helped! :) Its so scary when they get fevers like that and with what you had just been through....yeah...I'd be so scared I'd be sitting at the ER!

You are a great momma!!


rgshrs said...

I'm so sorry you got a negative comment, even if that wasn't the posters intent, IMO they assumed a lot and overstepped big time. I would have been in a complete panic in your shoes with Meilynn's seizure and I thank you for describing it so clearly so that if I should ever to go through that with one of my girls I might just have a clue thanks to you.
I love your blog and blog for many of the same reasons. So keep on keeping on;)

LOVE the poses the girls have come up with!! TOO TOO CUTE! Julia was doing that for awhile too and putting one arm up over her head, no idea where she came up with it either. Aren't they so much fun?? Love the paintings too! Very cute!
Take care and I hope everyone is feeling better!